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Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 63 (Carmago, Mexico)

This week went by fast as they all do. We did divisions for several days so we could get some interviews done. This month of November as a mission we have a goal to achieve what the mission has never achieved before. So we will be all over the place this month. 

People always try to attack the Book of Mormon. They say all sorts of stuff. The way I deal with them is by trying to see if they actually want to know or just want to fight. If they want to fight then we just share the invitation to read it and then we head out because we have a lot to do and we wouldn’t be making it anywhere just debating. Dallin H. Oaks said in the Ensign from 1989 p37:

The ways that the Lord has established to acquire sacred knowledge are very different that the ways that we get info or knowledge studying. For example an often used method is debate, a method in which I have had a lot of experience. But the Lord has taught and counseled us in ancient and modern scriptures that we shouldn’t contend over points of his doctrine (3 Nephi 11:28-30, Dc 10:63). To those that teach the gospel are counseled to not preach with anger or contention.  (D&C 60.14, tim2:23-25), but with meekness and humility, not degrading those that degrade (dc19:30) the techniques that are used for debates aren’t effective to get a knowledge of the gospel. 

Sorry about the pictures this week my companion passed me the pictures onto my USB last week and I was going to send them this week but I forgot the USB. But thanks for the birthday wishes, I think we have a devotional or capicitation or training, whatever it is called, from president this week and they always bring packages so we will see if I get it. 

I will try and write a little more of what goes on in my week next week I have just been too lazy to think and write, easier to look for cool talks. Sorry.

Elder Blanchard

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