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Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 71 (Parral, Mexico)

Sorry not a lot of time today to write. On Tuesday morning we have meeting in the main city Chihuahua so we haven’t had a chance to write. I am here in the mission offices and have a minute to get off some pictures and a quick message. This last Sunday night there were changes again, but just some other missionaries in my zone.  I finally might stay a bit in my area.  My companion is the same too.

That pillow case is pretty great and that shirt is funny. my companion  liked his present too.  I gave him the gift with some chocolates. The pin and the tie bar are really nice too.

Oh and can you thank the parrot family for the package? i just saw that I received a couple of packages: a Christmas one from grandpa and grandma and something from the Parrot family. I haven’t had a chance to open them yet but that was really cool of them to take the time to send something. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 70 (Parral, Mexico)

Transferred to Parral, Mexico as Zone Leader

Christmas necklace Elder Sullivan's mom sent me.

Christmas Party with my new Zone.

And Christmas mission dinner.

Mission President  and Sister Chavez.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 68 (Cuauhtémoc, Mexico)

I think that is 10 companions in total, so 10 companions and 5 areas.  It is crazy how many companions that I have had lately. The transfers were early and happened on Sunday night because on Tuesday was the leadership counsel where we get trained by Pres. and Sis. Chavez and the assistants. I am fine with the changes, the only thing that sucks is that I had to leave Elder Heindel, the one who had just arrived to the mission.  And also Camargo, but my new area and my new companion, Elder Sullivan, are really great too. 

In that meeting las week, I was given a Cheeto, it was one of those puff ones. It was just part of the example that Sister Chavez used to teach us. 

I am actually in the same zone now that I was in when I started the mission. I am just in a different area. Anahuac is about 20 minutes in a bus and not too far away. The other night at the church, I saw and got to talk to a bunch of members from Anahuac. It was cool to see a bunch of them again. Ya I will be able to go visit Juan Manuel. I heard that he is ward mission leader right now. 

It was pretty hot in my last area and here in this area it is cold. 

The traditions for Christmas are pretty much the same. It isn’t really that different.  

Ha-ha that is pretty funny that you guys almost fed the missionaries the same that everyone else was giving them. Yes, that has happened before. In one area we were given caldo a lot.  Caldo is soup with potatoes at chicken and squash. In one area it happened a lot with chile colorado, which is potatoes and meet covered in some red chile sauce. And a lot of times they give us water with the flavoring horchata. It has happened a few times with spaghetti too. 

Love Elder Blanchard

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 67 (Cuauhtémoc, Mexico)

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to write on Monday, I had changes. I am in Cuauhtémoc again. I am pretty close to my first area, I am staying in the house where I went on divisions all the time. It is so weird being back here again. 

My new companion is Elder Sullivan, he is a way good missionary and is crazy hard worker. I was sad to leave Elder Heindel after only three weeks but my new companion is really cool too.  

  (The guy to my right is my new companion at a reunion we had with Sis. and Pres. Chavez.) 

The temp in my last area was still hot but now here in Cuauhtémoc it is pretty cool and almost even cold. 

As for stuff to send it would be better mainly treats. I don’t have a lot of room for more clothes and it is easier sizing wise to buy here. 


Elder Blanchard