Julio Velazquez-Elder Tyler Blanchard
Po. Box 1486
Presidio, TX 79845

Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 3 (MTC)

I was able to catch Tyler right as he was emailing me. So here is the "conversation":

Me: How are you? Do you need me to send anything?

Tyler:  No, I don’t really need anything.

Me: Great!!! How do you get along with your companion?

Tyler:  I get along really well with my companion.
How is everyone at home?          

Me: Great! Daniel played hobble creek yesterday, they won 2:0. Daniel hasn't been able to score lately. He keeps missing. Emily keeps busy. She loves soccer. She scored 2 goals on Sat. They beat USA. Daniel is performing with his band tonight at the school. Before the Miner-Mustang Mashup!! Trying to decide if I should go watch, since it is for the students.
Tyler:  I am sure Daniel would love you guys to show up haha.

Me: Ha, very funny! The other parents are.

Tyler:  That is good. Did you guys get the pictures?

Me: Yes, thank you. How is your Spanish? Are you the only one going to Chihuahua?

Tyler:  My Spanish is pretty good we have to speak all of the time so it comes pretty easily. We have to speak Spanish in our lessons, in talks, and in class so we get tons of practice. My grammar isn't the best but its coming. Last week I was randomly called to give a talk in sacrament meeting, in Spanish, it wasn't too bad but I had a bit of a cold so that kind of sucked.  

Guess I feel more at ease giving talks but only because no one really listens to these ones and there aren't that many people. I have been enjoying it here its been really fun. And no I'm not the only one going to Chihuahua, half of the people in my district are going to Chihuahua and half are going to Puebla south Mexico. Elder Gumm is going to Chihuahua too.

Me: Have you played soccer?

Tyler:  No, I don't play soccer because the two fields are packed with people and it's right in the middle of the day and it's way hot. They have these inflatable buildings, like the bubble where Daniel and I played soccer last year with Bingham and I go to those and play volleyball or lift weights. 

We found a soccer ball in the street by our apartment so we brought it in our class and we juggle. They all think I'm amazing and it's nice to take a break and juggle.

Me: Oh good, I was wondering if I could send you a soccer ball.

I am sure you did great with your talk!! I wrote you a letter yesterday wondering if you got picked to give a talk!! You know with your luck!!!

You should get the letter tomorrow.

Tyler:  I don't know if you know but there is a website called where you can write a letter to me and it will get it to me the same day. I don't know if that is easier or what, but just thought I would let you know.

Me: I know you don’t need anything but what would you like? Emily wants to send you a package!!

Tyler:  Umm,  I have no idea what I would want in a package, we have so much food here so if she wants to send something just do something small.

Me: Fernando might be sending his paper in in the fall!!  I hope you enjoy every minute of your experience. We are so proud of you!!

Tyler:  I have been having a lot of fun here at the MTC. Time flies by here especially the last couple weeks. In one of your letters you wanted me to tell you more about my district so here it is:
  • Elder Trevor Gumm- from Redding California. Was a DJ and he likes to work on his truck.
  • Elder Robert Hatch- from somewhere in Wyoming. Likes music, played the saxophone.
  • Elder Burnette- I already talked about him
  • Elder Tanner Allan- From Pausbow Washington. Likes to lift weights and he is twenty.
  • Elder Walter St. Pierre- from Moscow Idaho. Studied molecular biology at byu.
  • Elder Artur Gomez- from  Las Vegas and went to school at byu. He sings all of the time
  • Elder Rose- From pleasant grove Utah. Played tennis
  • Elder Josh Brown- from somewhere in Arizona. Played basketball and football.
  • Elder Bracken Parker- from Preston Idaho. Played football and basketball grew up on a farm.

After writing emails we are going to head over to Brighams Landing and go get some food. Brighams Landing is where we went before I was dropped of at the MTC. I'm probably going to eat at that sandwich place.

Me: Remember Amber Hauber? She works at the MTC cafeteria and told me she saw you!

Does your bag work ok?

Tyler:  My bag does work. I did see Amber. I talked to her once and I have said hi to her a couple of times. I also have seen Tyler Bird up here too, he works on the cleaning staff. 

We are going to head out to go eat soon and then we have class, anything else before I go?

Me: No just have fun!!! Love you tons and we are very proud of you!!!! 

Actually write something to Emily!! That would make her day!!!!

Tyler:  Okay cool, love you guys too, talk to you next week. I will try to write a letter this week and send it to her


I also received a message from a mom who's son is sharing the same apartment with Tyler:

"Have you heard from Elder Blanchard? I have to tell you that Kyle mentioned that he (your son) "is one of the coolest elders here"! Just thought you should know:) Happy Thursday!"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 2 (MTC)

We just got a very short email this week telling us that he ran out of time. But we did get these 2 pictures:

P-Day is on Thursdays and they get to visit the Temple. The Elder in the front is Elder Burnette, he is a cousin of Daniel's best friend. He lives in Riverton; small world. He is one big guy, but it looks like Tyler's whole district is filled with some big guys.

This second picture is Tyler standing (at first I thought he was sitting next to that Elder) next to this Elder that is 6'9"!!!!!!

Also I notice I put his email wrong it is supposed to be: .net. not .com, so the correct address is:, he can read those only on P-Days, but you can send him  messages through this site for free, he would get it the same day:

His address if you want to send a packet is:

Elder Tyler Brian Blanchard

Sep15 Mex-Chi
2023 N 900 E. Unit 803
Provo, UT 84602

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 1 (MTC)

Tyler's First Letter from the MTC:

   I don't know where to start, the days are just so full of activities and classes that it feels like we have been here forever. The food here is pretty good and there is something new for every meal, we have had things like steak, pulled pork sandwiches, turkey with potatoes, domino's pizza and everything comes with a dessert. Sometimes the they are brownies, or cake, or pie, and no matter what there is always ice cream available.

     We spend a lot of time studying or in class. I am glad that I took Spanish in school because the teachers only speak Spanish. I felt bad for some of the Elders in my class that had never taken a Spanish class before. I know a lot of vocabulary and I am able to understand almost everything but I suck at grammar and conjugation so I talk like a caveman.

     Spanish class was kind of boring at first, because the lesson consisted the teacher saying a simple phrase in Spanish and us repeating, like como se llama, or como esta. It has gotten a lot better now because we are learning about things like the difference between ser and estar or about grammar rules so it's been better.

      On the third day we had to teach our first lesson in all Spanish to an investigator (who is just a guy who works here at the MTC that plays the part of an investigator that speaks no english) the lesson ok because one of the books we were given was a book filled with gospel phrases. So far we have taught this investigator four times and we will continue doing so every couple days for the rest of our time at the MTC. 

    They told us that we have to prepare a five minute talk for every Sunday because we might get randomly get asked to speak in Sacrament meeting. It's not too bad we have decided as a district (the group of ten Elders that we go to classes and lunch with) to write the talks as a group. Also there are only like thirty people during our sacrament meeting because they split everyone up in to what are called zones. 

      The Elders in our district are all really cool. The district leader Elder Kyle Burnette is from Riverton and he is Conner's cousin, he worked with Daniel at fantasy con, and he says Daniel looks like Thiago. Elder Burnette and his companion, Elder Hatch, share the apartment with Elder Gumm (my companion) and I. Elder Hatch is pretty cool too, he is from Wyoming, and his mom was a spanish teacher so he knows a good amount of spanish too. My companion and I hang out with these guys the most of the time going to and from class and at lunch and gym.

    There are so many people here that I know from school. In a letter Mom asked if i have seen Elder Paepke, I have seen him and we have talked several times. On a bus ride to Tuesday night devotional we were able to talk and catch up on things. 
     Yesterday we went to the Mexican consulate for our visas. They had us take tracks down to salt lake and while on the train some crazy guy came up and talked with the six of us that were on the train, he was old and skinny and he spit a ton when he talked and he got all over my suit. No one could really understand what he was saying but at one point he wanted us to sing I hope they call me on a mission.

     Overall it's been really fun and not too hard --yet. They have a bookstore and a little grocery store that has anything you could ever want and it's all discounted so I can get anything I need. 

     I forgot your letters back at my apartment and I cant remember the other questions you asked so I will try to answer those next week. Thanks for the cinnamon rolls and the treat box.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Address Information

His email address is, he can open this only every Thursday on his P-Day.
If you want to send him a package

Elder Tyler Brian Blanchard
2023 N 900 E Unit 803
Provo UT 84602

You can use, that sends the email the same day out. They will type it out and Tyler will have it at the end of the day.And it is free. That is probably the best way to send out email, that way he doesn't have to wait until Thursday to see it.

There is also some places that will send a package the same day, if you have it in before 12 pm.
Just check under same day delivery to MTC. I have 2 close to my house 12600 South and Redwood Road.

He looked so happy when we dropped him off. We got one short little message that same day around 9:20 pm, it was good to know that his P-Day is not until Thursday, I would have been waiting all Monday for an update!!!  I hope his next message is a little longer and more informative!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

MTC Drop Off

Tyler, we love you  and wish you the very best experience ever!!!
We dropped off our son Tyler at the MTC Wednesday and it was literally a drop off.  We felt we were prepared for the moment but that moment was brief and over before we knew it.  We are ready for him to serve in Mexico and we are excited for him to gain some great experience over the next two year that will shape his life forever. 

During the drop-off, Daniel was his usual nonchalant self so I'm not sure of the impact on him and feelings toward this event.   Emily surprisingly maintained her composure as if this had been practiced many times before.  Any concerns that I might have with Tyler leaving are for her and the bond that she has with her older brother that has grown more intense over time.  They were inseparable at home, side-by-side kicking a soccer ball, playing FIFA on the PS3 or poking and jabbing at each other.  While this relationship will  be put on hold for the next two years, Emily will find other ways to continue their friendship and has already mentioned writing her brother no less than five minutes after the drop-off.

These last few weeks have been a scramble getting things ready.  As picky as Tyler is and with his busy schedule, we found ourselves going to many stores, buying clothes and returning clothes.  I believe that we are now prepared which I think has help with the parting. 

I had the great experience of having Tyler work at my office with many opportunities to eat lunch together.  These were quick lunches and generally light on conversation, but if you know Tyler, this is the norm.  Everyone at my work has said nothing but great things about Tyler and his hard work and they have already been asking about him since his last day of work.
 Tuesday night we had the opportunity to for Tyler to be set-apart as a missionary as he received a great blessing from the stake president and great words of wisdom from his counselor and the bishop.  I wish that all could hear the great blessing and promises that were made but these will be held for Tyler and those present for this special occasion.


It has been fun to watch Tyler interact with people outside of our own family as we have rarely seen this side of our son.  He is engaging, funny and has a great personality that we have never experience within our own interactions.   These interactions have helped us know that he will be fine and he will get by, even if socializing is not his strong point.  Regardless, I would lying if I said there was no worry about his time away from home but he will do great.
We couldn't have asked for better son's and daughter's, and Tyler has taken steps in the right direction to grow and become a great man that we know he already is. 

Here's to a great adventure over the next two years!!!