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Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 65 (Carmago, Mexico)

I did get a new companion. The last cycle was split into two parts for me. First three weeks with Elder Aguilar, and the last three with Elder Crockett, after that cycle finished off then I got another new companion. The whole time I have stayed in the same area. Our house is really nice. We have a washing machine, we have two bathrooms one each companionship. We live with one other companionship. One from Bolivia and one from Guanajuato. In the house I am training and another elder is training, there are two new missionaries living with us. 

The weather down her is changing so during the days when the sun is out it is blazing hot, and when the sun goes down it is freezing cold. But it is slowly getting cooler during the days so that is nice. 

My new companion and I are doing great. Our first week together went well. We weren’t together a lot because on Thursday we had to do divisions until Saturday but the time we were together was good. He doesn’t understand most of what is said but he actually speaks pretty well. He is a hard worker and learns fast.
(As a zone in my last area we made t-shirts, this was the final product.)

I haven’t yet received the package that you guys sent but we will see if it gets here soon. As for a Christmas package I’m not sure exactly. I think some treats would be good, but I will have to think about it, to get some ideas I will start asking other missionaries to see what they are craving and see if any of that sounds good and I will let you know. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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