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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 54 (Carmago, Mexico)

The week went well. We did a ton of divisions because it was the end of the month and we went to do interviews and stuff. So I didn’t work a ton with my companion but when we did it went well. It is pretty hot, but yeah I am used to the heat. The worst part is leaving the air-conditioned house to start the day. But it is great to have the ac because it makes it so nice to sleep.

My companion is really cool. It is going great so far, he is a great missionary. Like I said I wasn’t with him for the majority of the week because we were all over the place, but when we were together we got a lot done and it was fun.

I was kind of sad to leave my last companion and my last area but it was fine. We are teaching Perla’s mom (Rosa) and she is really open and receptive and actually wants to get baptized. This Sunday was her birthday and we brought her a cake that we had bought the day before. We brought it over and we talked with her and Perla who was visiting. The only problem is that Rosa is going to Chihuahua for a week and we won’t see her for a bit. 

People do get converted really fast but it has to do with the lord more than anything. The lord is hastening the work because like you said the time of the second coming is close. And we are in a chosen land. A lot of them do stay active because they are really prepared but every once and while they kind of waver.

The church here is under construction so we don't have a baptismal font. So we came here.

The ward is great where I’m at. Right now we are meeting in a little house because the church is being remodeled. The church here is two stories but this next week we are hoping we can switch back. The members are really great we have been working a lot with the members this last week. That baptism I sent you was from our area. We taught the guy who is a friend of some members and that kid baptizing the son of the member who is this guy’s buddy.

Not much news here but I will try and think of things that you can send me. I haven’t been able to come up with anything good so I guess I will think of treats or something that I would like.

Love Elder Blanchard

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