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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 53 (Carmago, Mexico)

Last Sunday at 12:00 I got a call and I was told I have changes. I am now in Camargo in Delicias. We took a bus for an hour to get to Delicias and from there another one for an hour and 45 minutes. So I am no longer with my other companion, but it was great that we had this last week together because everything started going our way.

It's hard to leave but my new companion seems cool and my area as well. I didn't see Caren get baptized, we weren't able to make it. The bus drivers went on strike so the only was to travel for a time was taxi and there aren't many taxis in Riveras because it is smaller and it was so busy we couldn't get a taxi.  

We found a mom, a son and daughter that were really cool and they came to church on Sunday with us. We got a reference this last week her name is Perla and we have been passing by with her and teaching her and she came to church with us. And I think she will get baptized this next Saturday. The work picked up and our companionship got better and my companion wasn’t down anymore and he is all better. It sucked to leave but my new companion and area seem cool.

The cool thing is that this reference, Perla, that we got this last week, came from some elders in Camargo from my new companion. Him and his companion found Perla who was here visiting her family and my companion and his old companion had been teaching them for a week. Then Perla left and came to my area and my old companion and I have been teaching her for a week. So now I will be teaching Perla's family here in Camargo.

My new companion’s name is Elder Murdoch, he is from Alpine, Utah. He has 8 months in the mission and we are both district leaders here in Camargo. I don’t know if we have different districts or if we are over the same one but I do know that the districts are spread out and that there will be a lot of traveling.  There are some in Delicias, and some in a part called Saucillo.  He seems really cool so far, seems like a hard worker and he has a positive attitude. I think that we will have a lot of success together.

Delicias is known for being really hot. I am lucky I missed the hottest time of the year and know the weather is on the decline. Our house has air-conditioning which is great or else we would die of heat. We live with two other elders because the house is really big. One’s name is Elder Bandala (he is from Mexico and only has a few months left) and Elder Hernandez but I’m not sure, he is from Mexico as well.

This last week in my district we had a few baptisms. One was at 6 am but I did the interview for the other guy that got baptized, I will get you a picture. The guy has a bag around his arm because he got mugged. The guy’s mom is a member but before he never wanted anything to do with the church, then he got humbled to be baptized.

Love Elder Blanchard

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