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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 52 (Riberas, Mexico)

It is transfer week, but I didn’t have changes, neither did my companion. Two elders in the district have changes, one finished his mission and the other went to a different area. I won’t find out until later who the new people are. 

The week has been slow. Not a lot of people home or any new experiences. Lots of walking and lots of heat. My companion still is a bit down he has been really quiet lately. I know a lot of his feelings have to do with the work and the fact that we haven’t had a lot of it. We spend a lot of time walking around looking and knocking for people. I guess we will see if we can get some more success going in that aspect. 

Caren actually got baptized this last week. I went on Friday and I interviewed her for the baptism and she was one of the most prepared people. Usually during the interview I have to explain a lot like detailed definitions. But she knew all of the answers perfect and was able to answer all of the questions in depth. It is cool to see that the lord is preparing people and has prepared them and they are all out there just waiting to be found.

Thanks for the advice with my companion. The hard work is what we have been lacking. Lots of walking and sun. So he has lots of time to think and get distracted by home. I hope this week we can kick it up a few notches and help him get his mind of home. 

This week we had a capacitation from President Chaves he talked about the importance of work in the building of the kingdom of god. He talked about all of the work and preparation that the Lord has done so far. He has been preparing people by moving them around and moving neighbors around so people get those seeds planted, he has been preparing the members since the time of the organization of the church for now when the prophet has announced that this is the time for members and missionaries to work together.

The lord has prepared President Chavez with the scriptures all of his life to help us become better missionaries to help the work of the lord. The Book of Mormon was worked on and prepared ever since 600 years before Christ came. The missionaries are being called at a younger age and more is being required of them because we have been prepared more. We have been preparing and learning in the pre-life ever since the creation of the earth. 

We may not have the capacity to all of those things or to do things that are even close but we have to do our part. We have to contribute to the work of the Lord. To be the most effective we have to learn to work with goals and with mini goals to achieve the bigger goals we have to lay out a plan with checkpoints to arrive at our goals.

He shared a quote from elder oaks it says:

“To believe isn’t sufficient, testify is to know and to say, to be converted is to do and to become.”

He says we believe but it isn’t sufficient because even the devils believe too, the only difference is that we don’t tremble (James 2:19) we testify as well but what we lack is the conversion. To do and to become. We should look at it like this what is it that I want to become? A good missionary? good comp.?good parent? a god? then we need to look at what we need to do. what work needs to be done. 

If you always have in your mind what you want to become, e.g. a god. getting up at 6am every day gets easier, getting along with companion is easier. Because if you can’t deal with you comp how are you going to deal with a third part of your spirit children when they rebel? 

Love Elder Blanchard

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