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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 55 (Carmago, Mexico)

There isn’t that much new going on. We have been doing lots of contacting. We are trying to find the chosen people and those who have been prepared and those that can progress. We talk to a lot of interesting people. We were on divisions one night and we contacted this guy in the street and he turned out to be a bit drunk. He read our name tags because he didn’t understand well when we introduced ourselves he looked at mine and said elder blan-moses, it was pretty funny how off he was. The poor people here have such a hard time with names even if they’re not drunk. I always tell them Blanchard like planchar (to iron), if someone chews someone out or tells them off they planch them.

The sun has been crazy strong the last few days. When we got to the food yesterday we were drenched. It looked like we had just hopped out of a pool or the shower. We downed a ton of horchata. That is one thing that I really like that they do here. They throw fruit in a blender with water and sugar and they make juice or water as they call it. I think my favorite is the cantaloupe juice. It is really good. All they do is throw cantaloupe water and sugar in a blender. It is the best when we come in dying of heat and they have giant pitchers of the juice.

Things are going great with my comp. we get along really well and we work well together. This last week we didn’t have to do that many divisions almost never. We worked a lot in our area together. Like I said lots of contacting so not a bunch of news on the investigators we will be following up this week with the people that stood out the most so we will see how it turns out.  

Love Elder Blanchard 

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