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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 45 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

That is pretty cool that you got to talk to Elder Vuyk and that you got to talk with him a bit over Facebook. He was a really cool guy, and great missionary I learned a lot from him. He has a really outgoing personality.

Sounds like it is getting really hot over there. My companion and I lucked out and we have AC. It sucked at first and didn’t do much. But now it is working great. We stuck our mattresses down stairs and we have fans on us so we keep cool. It has been raining a lot this week, and has been really cloudy which is really nice because then the sun isn’t as strong.

This last Tuesday we went on some visits with a member who is visiting some family here in Mexico. He actually lives in Glendale Utah. It’s cool to work with him a bit a talk English. While we were working it started pouring and we all got drenched. 

On Thursday we had a lesson from Pres. Chavez on the light of Christ. The Holy Ghost and light of Christ are two different things. And it is really important to know and recognize the difference of the two. The light of Christ is something that everyone who is born receives (consciousness, awareness, conscientiousness) 

The light of Christ is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God (D&C 88:13). It is the essence of all of the universe.  It’s in all things and governs them all priesthood, planets, stars, animals. The light of Christ is really big and impossible to explain completely-Packer. The more faith and the more obedient we are the more the light of Christ within us grows. 

The light of Christ enlightens our eyes and quickens our understanding. Enlighten our eyes. Means to have a wider field of vision like horses have the blinders on and can only see directly in front of them. The light of Christ takes our blinders away by adding more light. So if we aren’t faithful and aren’t obedient less light. And we have faith and are obedient more light we can see farther forward and this can be used to help make decisions. What to study, who to marry, etc. To quicken understanding is to give life to. The lord says quicken when he refers to saving us from death or giving eternal life. 

The world is kept in its orbit by the light of Christ. The world will be the celestial glory, and will be literally filled with light like the sun. Joseph Smith said that every star that gives off its own light is a celestial glory. the scriptures say that this world will be a celestial sphere with a sea of glass and fire. 

The light of Christ will never run out. and everyone has it. It is an example that god doesn’t make exceptions of persons. Only if you deny the spirit will you lose it. Which is the unforgivable sin. You would have to lie or to deny after perfect knowledge like cane did when he lied to gods face. Now he is a son of perdition. But the more light we add the more we have faith and the more obedient the more radiant we are or more light we put out. And the less we are obedient and faithful the smaller the light gets. And it is something visible that people note. They always say the light in the eyes of the Mormons. Or they have a glow about them. We all have the light of Christ it just depends on what we do with it that makes it grow or shrink. 

 Our president shared an experience from his mission about this fam he met. Him and his companion would always walk past the fam sitting out on their porch and would wave and say hi. One day they decided to stop and contact them. And they started teaching the family. Throughout the lesson the people would stop and whisper and they said they feel free to ask us if you have any questions. And they did this several times throughout the lesson. After they whispered again the missionaries asked what they were whispering about and they said that every day they had passed they had always noticed a kind of light or glow coming from them. And in the lesson when they were testifying or sharing something the light would grow and they would point it out to each other and that is why they whispered. 

It made me think of the atmosphere of the earth. The atmosphere being the light of Christ. Right now the world is really wicked and so the atmosphere is thinner right now. I always heard how there were really thin spots. And that is the thing that protects us from the sun. The earth has its process of exaltation like us. It was made or born. It was baptized during flood and will receive the bap of fire (or holy ghost) when Jesus comes again. 

I will have to finish writing about the lesson this next week because I have run out of time.

Love Elder Blanchard

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