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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 41 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

My new companion is from Arizona his name is Elder Neumann. We are getting along great. He has 18 months here in the mission. It is pretty funny because he was actually in this area before during December. He actually turns 21 today hopefully we can go do something fun for him. 
And yes, I am still district leader as well. In my district there are two other elders. Elder Valentine from Dominican Republic (he has like a year in the mission) and Elder Jimenez from Mexico City (he has like three months). 

That story about the two missionaries is really cool thanks for sharing. It is really cool how the lord works and how you are exactly where he wants and with whom he wants. 

Sounds like the heat is starting up everywhere. Here it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I have no idea how hot it has been getting and I can’t make a very good guess but it has been hot and the sun is crazy strong. 

This next week the investigator Nicha is going to be baptized. She was going to do it this last week but we had stake conference. She got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true this last Sunday when we were in church when my comp was giving a talk. He said I know this book is true and she said that he looked right at her and she felt as if it were God telling her it was true. It was cool to see that she could get an answer. 

Yesterday we had stake conference and we heard some pretty cool talks. One was about this guy who talked about how he got into running and told about how he prepared for his first marathon. He tied it into making goals and told of the importance of making spiritual goals. He said he never would have progressed if he hadn’t been training with goals and how we will never progress to become more like Christ if we don’t make spiritual goals.

Another guy said something pretty cool he said the in this church there are a lot of good people, a lot of not so good people, and some bad people. It is the same as other churches there are a lot of good people a lot of not so good people and some bad people. So what’s the difference? In the Church of Jesus Christ people come here on the own agency using their own free will, not because someone sprinkled water on their heads. The people make covenants or promises with the lord to better themselves and to go from good, not so good, or bad to more like Christ. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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