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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 43 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

This last Tuesday we went on visits with a member named Carlos. He is this pretty cool member that is twenty-years old and he is actually getting his mission papers ready right now, hasn’t been able to go yet because of knee problems. It is cool to do visits with him because he is really smart and a good teacher and helps out a lot. 

We took him to visit the investigator Nicha. She was going to get baptized but she was really nervous because she is afraid of water. But we got her excited for her baptism and reassured her that everything would be alright. Got everything set up with her to get her over to the church. The baptism went well the only thing that sucked is that the water was cold. Carlos baptized her because he is strong and could baptize her with ease without dropping her. 

Also during lunch on Tuesday we ate some crab at the bishop’s house. It was in the form of like a salsa thing. It had cucumbers, pineapple, and crab all diced up together. We dipped tortilla chips into it and ate it with a side of rice. It actually wasn’t too bad. 

On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. What happens is that the leaders of the zone go and have a meeting with the president of the mission and the assistants and then they share with us what they said. 

We got taught about proactivity. They started off by sharing D&C 58:27-28 where it says always be engaged in a good cause based on your own free will. Proactivity is an attitude where someone takes complete control of the personal conduct and their actions. It doesn’t just mean taking initiative but taking the responsibility and making sure for yourself that a job gets done. I liked a quote they shared it goes like this a good leader makes it so his leaders don’t have to worry. 

They started off by talking a bit about some different generations:

Baby boomers (those who were born after all the men came back from the war), generation x, and generation y (that is our generation) this generation likes the technology, likes to learn, and is curious, and likes to ask `y` or why. They then talked about the importance of the why. They showed a video from YouTube on Kevin Durant it was a motivational pump up video with some black gangster voice.

Kevin Durant is a famous basketball player that wears the number 35 on his jersey. He does that because his coach died at thirty five years old. Before and after every game he pounds the number on his chest. He’s got a why his coach is his why. When he scores he doesn’t do it to gloat, he doesn’t do it to show he is better than other basketball players, to make others look bad, he does it for his coach. If you don’t give 120% in a game it’s because you don’t have a why. What is your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you put on the jersey? If you don’t have a why you are nothing.  It was a really cool lesson about our whys about the vision we have.

Later that same day we went with a less active and her two daughters who aren’t members. We had a cool lesson with them and got them to commit to coming to church. 

On Thursday we went on some divisions. I went with my zone leader Elder Meyer because my comp went with his to the offices to get a cake. The Sister Chavez makes cakes for all of the missionaries on their birthdays. While they went Elder Meyer went to help a member out with her English class. We helped give the final, which just included us reading off some questions some were pretty funny. Stuff like where you live. Or have you ever invented something. What kind of music do you like? Where do you want to go and vacation? Stuff like that. It was pretty funny because this one kid kept relating everting to sandwiches. I don’t know if it was because his vocabulary was limited or because he liked sandwiches. It was a pretty fun experience. The only part that sucked was that we had to pick out the person we thought spoke the best. That sucked. 

Later that day I went to interview this guy named Alex. He has been going to seminary or institute for like three years. It was cool to talk with him he was really smart. He only had one problem and that was his job, because he is a bar tender. It is bad because he has to try the alcohol that he mixes before he sells it. I told him he was completely ready but he wouldn’t be able to if he still had that job and drank. He said he had no desire to drink he just did it for work. I explained to him how the lord asks for sacrifices, and how the bigger the sacrifices the bigger the blessings and how sometimes we need to take that step of faith before we can get the blessings. I gave him some scriptural examples and he was really cool and willing to take the steps and do what it took. 

The other day we were on our way to lunch and we were really far away walking on a dirt road by a railroad track. It was crazy hot and I said it would be nice if a car pulled up offering a ride. I said it jokingly because we were on a road that cars never used and that was always empty. But then a few seconds later out of nowhere a car pulled up and offered us a ride. It was a cool little miracle. We couldn’t go with them because they weren’t members and we can only take rides from members, looks like I need to be more specific next time ha-ha. 

Also later we were having a lesson with Nicha about the holy ghost and we were telling her about how the holy ghost helps you out and lets you know what to say when you need to, helps you find answers to questions, and I went to share a scripture that popped up into my mind that is found in the bible. I opened them up and I forgot the reference or how to get there. I then looked and saw the scripture right there on the page and I had been guided right to it. It was a cool little example for her.

Then we had a lesson from President Chavez about the three kingdoms of glory. 1. Celestial, 2. Terrestrial and 3.Telestial. The last glory Telestial is for those who don’t obey the Ten Commandments, Terrestrial is for those who live the Ten Commandments and the Celestial glory is for those that obey the Ten Commandments and the higher law doing all of the necessary ordinances here on the earth. He pointed out that a lot of people qualify for the Celestial and it isn’t that hard. but then he pointed out that if you do everything you need to qualify for it and on Sunday you go to church and magnify your calling there and everything but then you go home and flip on the football game you fall all the way to the last kingdom of glory because you broke one of the ten commandments. I just remember thinking that would suck to do everything you need to and lose it all to that. 

The work here has been great we have been so busy this last week. Also I got another companionship added to my district some sisters. Sister Suniga from Puebla I think and Sister Obergozo from Mexico City. 

I looked at the forecast just barely because on my missionary portal it has got a forecaster thing and I can put in the zip code and I checked and the weather here and where you guys are is about the same. I think that the only difference is that here the sun is really direct so if feels a lot worse than it is. Maybe it’s not that different than what I remember I am just thrown off because I was always in air conditioned places.

Best of luck to you guys with everyone home for summer break ha-ha. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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