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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 42 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

This last week on Monday we went to a Chinese buffet for my companion’s birthday. The place was actually really good. I didn’t grab anything too extreme just the normal stuff. It was a bit like panda express. 

Later that day we had just come out of the store after buying our food for the week and a member offered us a ride which we really needed because at that moment we were supposed to be at a family home evening. We packed everything in the back of the car and headed out with them. We got to the house and when we opened the truck my gallon of milk fell out and exploded all over the concrete, that sucked. But after that we headed to the family home evening and we had a pretty cool lesson. 

On Tuesday we went with Nicha and she didn’t want to get baptized, she told us that she had talked with her daughter and had changed her mind. But after the lesson she decided that once again she would get baptized so we were going to have the baptism on Saturday.  We also found this new family. The mom’s name is Naima and the daughter Presila. They actually contacted us on the street. The daughter has gone with her boyfriend to the church five times and is in 2nd Nephi. The mom hasn’t been at all but both are really open. 

On Wednesday we had training from President Chavez. He gave us a cool lesson on the difference between doctrine and principles. A doctrine is a general concept that answers the question why? Why we do the things we do. The principles are more like the actions or applications that we get out of the doctrine.  They answer the question, What? What is it that we do? He compared it to an apple the seeds are the principles and the doctrine is the fruit encasing. The fruit part that we eat is there to protect the seed which is the most important part of the apple. The part that allows the apple to continue the cycle of life, grow and reproduce. He also compared it to a bag of M&Ms the doctrine would be the package that contains all of the M&Ms which are the principles.

After the lesson we went to the food appointment where a member had made a cake for my companion because of his birthday. The cake had a layer of Nutella in the middle it was really good. She also took down all of our names to added us on Facebook, and the next day she asked me if I had someone managing my account while I was gone and I told her no because I didn’t know that you guys were managing my account. Then she gave me crap about getting on the internet to accept her request.

Also later that day while walking in the street this car that was driving past us had its engine explode. There was a giant flame that encased the front. I tried taking a picture of the flames but the flame disappeared before I could get a good picture.

On Friday we went to visit Naima and Presila. And we had a cool lesson with them, and they asked us if we wanted something to drink before we left. And we said yes because we did because it was way hot outside. She brought us out the juice and I chugged it, my companion got about half way and asked the lady to see the packet that she made it with. It turned out to have black tea. I broke the word of wisdom, as a missionary.

The lady felt way bad for giving us the juice after we told her we couldn’t drink it. The only thing that sucked is I was warned by the spirit. When the lady asked if we wanted a drink. In my mind popped up a picture of the exact packet she pulled out later to show us. My comp had pointed that packet out in the store the other day and told me it had black tea. I didn’t think anything of it and just thought I was being too paranoid because I had rejected all other teas only to find out later that it didn’t contain black tea. They had just turned out to be blended fruit and water heated up. The lady then brought over the cups and handed them out to the people at the table and returned for more and I lost the desire to drink something, and had the thought to tell her never mind. But then I thought of how hot it was going to be outside and didn’t say anything. So I ended up drinking it. 

Later we were talking with a member who is watching over the wife’s mom who has altziemers. They told about how she doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t recognize her as her daughter, doesn’t remember that she was married, she doesn’t remember to bathe.  She always fights them trying to leave and take off from her house one of the few places she remembers, she says all day, of I’m going to take off now. Or, are they coming to pick me up? They don’t know if she thinks or if she ever understands what is going on.  It is really sad to see this and hear about this disease. 

On Saturday we had the stake activity. It was an activity for the recent converts. It was decent. The ward I’m in had all of us missionaries sing some songs for the activity. I think the best part was the talk that President Chavez gave. He went up with a box of donuts asked for a volunteer. Someone knew how to make donuts. Some lady went up and explained some of the ingredients and a bit about the process. He then asked her what would happen if you didn’t have all of the ingredients like for example you didn’t have the flour. Well obviously you can’t make the conversion from the ingredients to the donut. And he thanked her and sent her back to her seat with a donut.

After that he asked some of the recent members to come up and share their stories. He then gave them a donut. And sent them back. There was a missionary who went up and because of his conversion he cut the way long hair that he had had to go on a mission. He left his family who calls him periodically throughout the time he has here in the mission to tell president to send him back home. But he doesn’t want to get back because he is converted and wants to serve two years because he promised the lord two years. Someone else told about how they had a problem with being angry and getting mad easily before and told how his conversion helped him change. 

Then President Chavez tied that in to the donuts. Saying that everyone there had experienced a change in their lives. Great things come from the change of heart from the conversion, for example the donut, something we all know and love came from a conversion of ingredients. 

When someone stops having a desire to do something contrary to the will of God they have a conversion. He says that the purpose of our conversion is to help others with their conversion. We as members can be the ingredients to help make the change in others. The ingredients to help them become a donut. But they won’t be able to make the change it they are missing an ingredient, us. What kind of ingredient are you?

It has been raining quite a bit here the past week. It feels really good though, we look forward to it. It feels so good after a blazing hot day. This last week someone told us that it was 41 degrees Celsius; I think it is like 106 Fahrenheit. 

It is going really well with my new companion, he is pretty cool. We got up this morning and went to the park and played some soccer. He wants to learn how to play soccer. He has a lot of experience as a missionary and I have a lot to learn from him. He is really good with the people. He knows how to build up the confidence and make them all loosen up and become more comfortable with us as missionaries. We do get along and he has been a cool companion so far.  I am learning a lot from my companion. The food is really good still and still enjoy it. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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