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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 40 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

That is way cool that you guys get to feed the missionaries. That sounds like a crazy long waiting list. Ha-ha the moms will love the pictures. 

This week I do get a new companion. I am the only one in my district that is staying. In my zone only Elder Hogan, Elder Anderson and Elder Garcia are staying (they were in my district in the beginning). The rest got switched. Today at 2:00 we find out who are our new companions. The six weeks did go by crazy fast, feels like I just met Elder Rolon and now he is on his way back to Jalapas Vera Cruz, Mexico.

This last week I have noticed that when I miss a day of studying Spanish, like on Monday when we had the meeting, the rest of the day people struggle to understand me.  And when I do study, while I’m talking with the people I don’t feel like I speak any differently or am more understandable but the people are able to understand with ease.  Shows the power of the gift of tongues and how the spirit doesn’t work as hard to help the people understand what I’m saying when I don’t do my part. 

We had a lesson this last week with an investigator named Nicha and she had a couple Christian buddies over and we were sharing about the pre-earth life and they really liked the lesson and said things like wow I have never heard that before, that is so cool, when we were telling about how we lived with God before and how he knows us. It adds more to my testimony of our knowledge of the fullness of the gospel. 

This last week I went with my zone leader to the area of some sisters in my zone to help with some interviews and on the way we helped this guy jam pack his little truck full of furniture. It was cool how it all just seemed to fit; the final product looked very Mexican ha-ha. 

On Thursday we showed the video of Meet the Mormons at the church and had people come to see. We were able to get our investigator Nicha to go and her Christian buddy dropped her off at the church and we were able to get him to stay for a bit too. The investigator, Nicha, told us that we have the power to convince people because in the beginning the buddy didn’t want to stay. Before the video, we had lesson with Nicha and she told us that she was going to return to her congregation in the Christian church. We explained to her the importance of the sacrament and taking it every week (her church only does so every month) and why we took it, and she ended up saying that she would come with us for sacrament meeting every week then go to her congregation after. This last week she came for the first hour of sacrament meeting and what was cool was that we had forgotten to say anything about picking her up and giving her a ride to the church and she was planning on taking a bus to get there on her own (she didn’t have to because we showed up with a ride). It was cool to see that she had the desire to take the sacrament. 

On Friday I helped this investigator named Oscar with his English homework and because of the help he committed to go to church on Sunday and showed up too. Also I was able to do an interview for this guy in the area of the zone leaders named Axel. All went well and he was way prepared but the president of our mission wants us to wait another Sunday before we baptize him. 

This next week we are going to have stake conference.

Love Elder Blanchard

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