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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 38 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

Mother's Day Call:

Ya I am really enjoying the new area. It has been nice to get a change of scenery I guess. Ya my comp is pretty ready to be done a lot of time when work is slow his mind dazes off and he thinks of being home. Basically we just try to do everything we can to keep busy. I hope we can find some success together before he goes, it would be a nice way to send him off. It actually isn’t too difficult to deal with him, it doesn’t feel like a chore or anything and it has been kind of nice to be with someone who has a lot of experience like him.

We got home and we had to add all of the numbers of the things we achieved this week and make goals and plans for the next week then I had to get the numbers and goals from my district and then I passed them to my leaders. We do this every Sunday night and every Thursday (But Thursdays we just get subtotals). After that we went to bed, I was able to get to bed at 9:40 which was nice. But through all of that I forgot to take a picture of my ties. I don’t have any green ones I know that for sure, I will get a picture for you next week.

Today I went and bought a pair of new shoes, they are flexi band they are the ones that everyone recommends and supposedly pretty durable. I paid $779 (pesos not dollars I think it works out to be like 73 bucks)

This picture is where we went to do some service. to the left is Elder Burton from Canada (he is the one who thought that Daniel was my dad, and he was in the background while we talked) and to the right is Elder Cluff he is from Arizona but I don't know him very well because he goes to the other ward. We started weeding that area behind us.

Love Elder Blanchard

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