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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 37 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

That is good to hear that the weather is nice for you guys over there, over here it has been getting hotter and hotter. I am kind of used to it I guess or at least I am getting there

It is cool to hear about the signs of the second coming and all of the signs and stuff. And reading the scriptures really helps maintain that spirit and also it amazes me how I always seem to find something new that I have never found before. If anything, here on the mission, I have learned how much I don’t know and how much I need to improve and learn. 

I actually was reading in D&C 88:6-7, it kind of explains how it works, how it is the influence of Christ and it is only possible because Christ ascended and also descended below everything suffering it all and by doing all of that Christ is able to be in all and through all things.

That is great that you guys are studying the scriptures together and that Emily is even reading five verses. That is cool to hear that she prays all the time for me it is great because the lord can’t say no to kids because they are so much more pure.

Ha-ha it is crazy what I have been eating and all the new stuff I try. Actually this last week I ate more chile. We were served like a mix of veggies, broccoli, carrots, some green veggies that I don’t know the name of it is some kind of cucumber or something, and it also had a few chile de arboles mixed in. I ate one and it didn’t give me any problems and later I ate the second one and holy cow did it pack a punch ha-ha.  One of the elders there was able to witness it all, he said my eyes turned really red and I kind of froze ha-ha. I think that was the hottest that I had eaten. 

I actually have only had flan once and it was a while ago it was on top of a chocolate cake, it was really good. But other than that I haven’t had any. They have it in the stores everywhere. I will have to ask the members to teach me how so I can show you guys when I get back or send a recipe. 

The lessons that I give for the district meeting are in Spanish. And actually I wasn’t sure how this last week would go but everything just seemed to come to me while I taught. It was really cool and actually didn’t have anything to worry about. 

I think it has to do with the variety. I still get to eat a lot of the same stuff that I ate in my other area but I also get to try a whole bunch of different stuff. And also the people in this area are doing pretty well money wise and we eat well. 

P-days are pretty much the usual not much time to do much other than the basics. No I don’t get to see the mission president more I only see him about once a month when we get a lesson from him.

This next week for the skype call I only know that I will talk with you in the afternoon. We get out of church at 1 and eat at around 2 for about an hour and a half so not sure other than that though, sorry I couldn’t be more specific.

this last Tuesday we were in the street contacting someone and these teens passed us and one of them pulled out a branch of marijuana (roots and everything) and handed it to me and said a flower for a flower. Ha-ha it was really funny, I never would have thought that I would be holding the stuff, when the guys handed it to me and after he walked away my comp said that is marijuana, and the guys we contacted plucked off a leaf and smelt it and agreed. After that I set it on the floor and we all just kind of left. 

On Wednesday I was on divisions with Elder burton from Canada my zone leader and we went and visited someone in his area and the lessons actually went really well and it was cool. except everything was trying to distract the lady, kids crying, loud cars, phone calls, and at one point we heard a loud bang and then some dude started moaning and groaning in the street, we never found out what happened though it was really strange I think someone said something about a guy falling off of his roof. 

On Thursday we walked a ton, lots of going back and forth within the area. We finally got in and talked to someone about the importance of the sacrament and got them pumped up about church after wards they offered us 50 pesos to go buy some donuts which cost like 7 pesos. It was really cool that they offered, but we declined. After that later that night we contacted some lady selling tortillas and she ended up gifting us a bag of flour tortillas and beans which was really cool. 

On Friday I went to do an interview for a companionship in my district. It went really well and I think all should be in line for her to get baptized this next weekend. 

On Saturday the 12-year old girl named Kenya got baptized, I interviewed her the other week. It was really cool she bore her testimony yesterday in the church and it was cool to hear because she had fought so long with the missionaries before not to be baptized. 

On Sunday in the morning we contacted this guy and he tried to give us 50 pesos because we were doing the lords work, I declined, but it is crazy how many people just want to give you money because you are serving the lord, it is sometimes a bit sad because they think that it justifies them for sinning and not doing the stuff god wants. But later that day walking I found 500 pesos on the floor. 

Next week I will have to give you guys a review of the lesson we got taught from President Chavez this last week it was really cool. 

In the month of May on the 18th, Pres. Christiansen of the seventy is going to come and talk to us as a mission. Elder Nash will come on the 16 of May, he is someone over the missions of Mexico or something like that and he will come and will choose three people from this mission to teach the entire mission of Chihuahua and him a lesson based off of three different questions. 

How can I be a successful missionary?
How can I teach with power?
How can I work successfully with members?

Love Elder Blanchard

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