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Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 28 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

On Monday we had zone activity and for the activity we watched the Saratov approach. It was a pretty good show. When we got done with the meeting and got back to Anahuac the power in the city was out. There weren’t any lights except for the cars that drove by. It was pretty cool to see it so dark. We had to go into our houses because there is a rule that says that we have to do so when the power is out.

Tuesday was a slow day, not many investigators were home. We found a few new investigators and they are really old. I can’t remember but one of the ladies is in her upper 80s. They seem pretty cool but I can’t understand the lady that is in her upper 80s she can barely talk. My companion and I taught the class of English that night and we went over the days of the week and reviewed some stuff.

On Wednesday we went with the zone leader to do the baptismal interview with Juan Manuel so he could be baptized this weekend. But it turns out that he has been smoking the whole time and he is at two every day. That was too bad to hear. We have been trying to find a way to make him comfortable with telling us the truth. 

On Thursday we got taught a lesson on revelation by our district leader Elder Perez. He is a really good teacher and he knows a lot. He is actually finishing his mission in the next cycle or next 6 weeks. We also got a reference from a member and the investigator is really cool, her name is Rosa and she is really open. The first lesson went really well and she seems like she will progress really well.

On Friday we worked again with the same member and she invited a friend over to her house so we could teach a lesson. Her friends name is Rebecca and her daughter’s name is Shaila they are both pretty cool and really open. The first lesson went really well and they accepted a baptismal date. Later that day we took our bikes to a member who said he would fix them for us because he had the right tools. 

On Saturday we had a bunch of appointments with the cool investigators that we had found this last week but we weren’t able to have lessons with any of them. Everyone was gone or busy and we weren’t able to talk with them. At the end of the day we found that the other elders had the same experience in their area just nobody was home. We went and picked up the bikes that day and they are almost back to normal. One bike is just stuck on a low gear and feels like it is more work than it is worth while riding it.

On Sunday we were out in the morning finding our investigators and inviting them to church. We called Juan Manuel at nine to remind him about church but he was already there. And church doesn’t start until ten thirty. He is a great investigator and he is on his way to quitting smoking and it has been real cool to see him progress. On Sunday we even had the lady in her upper 80s show up for sacrament meeting and we had a lesson with her after church later that night and she wants to get baptized. 

The elder that I told you about that speak sign language speaks the Spanish sign language. He and his companion had to learn it in his last area. It is weird that they have different languages in sign language.
Love Elder Blanchard

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