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Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 29 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

No transfers for me and my companion or anyone in my district, nor in my zone. Well, two people…one guy finished his mission and one got transferred.

This last Monday we went to the church and made the brownies that you sent me a long time ago. We took too long to make them and we had to eat them the next day because they didn’t finish until it had passed the time in which we could eat sweets. 

The picture I sent you of the brownies has my district. Those are all of the missionaries in Anahuac. It used to be us and the other elders in the district but they added the sisters because they were already in Anahuac too.  The sisters names are Hermana Dudley from Texas and Hermana aramburo from Guanajuato, Mexico.

I am excited to stay and happy to be with my companion still. I am the longest companion that he has had. It’s actually his birthday on Tuesday and we are planning on making a cake today. 

Also on Monday night, we had an appointment that was pretty far from our house and we talked with the people for too long and had to bike like crazy to get home on time. As we were leaving they started talking to us about our Spanish where we learned and how. They said that my Spanish was really good for the time that I have had.  They said that my reading was really good too. I am still working on my grammar but I have improved a ton all around in Spanish.

On Tuesday we walked a ton and didn’t have luck getting into houses. Juan Manuel still hadn’t smoked for since the last time we had the interview.  It was crazy windy that day, someone said that it was around 70kmph or something.  It was crazy the dust got moving so fast that it hurts when it hit, our eyes were on fire. Also we went to find a reference that we got from the other elders from someone they had contacted. These are some pictures of the reference’s house.

On Wednesday we had a zone conference and we had a bunch of cool lessons. One of our leaders talked about a Greek myth it was about some guy who was in a maze and had to fight a mythical creature and the princess had given him a spool of thread to help him find his way through the maze and the spool of thread was compared to the spirit for us. How following it is our key to success.

Another talked about the difference between hearing and listening, and how we need to actually listen and not just hear our investigators. We also got a lesson about the scripture from Matthew 6:21 that says where your treasure is that is where you heart is, and they talked about the importance of having our hearts in the right place.

After the meeting we went with Juan Manuel and he had read 29 chapters in the book of Mormon. Still hadn’t smoked. We taught him about fasting and he actually fasted for a job this last Sunday.

On Wednesday I also got my package. Thanks for all of the treats and goodies, they have been great. 

Also that night I did divisions with elder Babb but we couldn’t do much because the wind had knocked the power out and it was pitch black.

Thursday not much happened but at night the power was lost again. And we almost got attacked by a dog in the dark. We were walking as normal and the dog came running out of the bushes growling and barking and charged a couple times and got really close to us. But it didn’t do anything.

On Friday we went and verified with Juan Manuel that he hadn’t been smoking. He hasn’t had a job for a week because the one that he did have was only temporary. He was telling the district leader elder Perez about his situation and how he had no money. The lesson went really well, the spirit was really strong. At the end of the lesson he gave us both a cookie. It was really cool because this guy has nothing but yet he gives us cookies despite all of his problems. He has a ton of charity. In the end he was cleared for a baptism on Saturday.

Saturday morning my comp and I had to hurry and go to the church so we could start the boiler, clean and fill up the baptismal font. We had to empty out about a foot of water and we had to empty it out with buckets because the pump to drain it doesn’t work. Juan got to the church at 11:50  and the baptism wasn’t until 1:00. The son of the bishop of the ward baptized him. Also that night I packed a bunch of my stuff because I thought I was going to have transfers.

Sunday we went to find Juan Manuel before church and we couldn’t find him. He wasn’t in his house, at the church or at the plaza at the place where he usually hangs out. We were frantically running around trying to find him but at 10:45 we gave up and went to church and found him there in the congregation. He had gone to somewhere where they hand out free food and had gotten a ride or something like that. But he did end up getting confirmed.

Also that night the other elders and us made some rice with hotdog slices and soy sauce. We burned the rice ha-ha. 

The woman version of Manuel, her name is actually Manuela ha-ha ironically the girl form of his name, is doing well. She went to church the other week and found work during the next week. She didn’t go to this last week but she still is pretty open. She and her husband have a baptismal date for April 15. We have to get them married and we have to help the husband stop drinking but that is about it. 

Ya it is crazy before it took people a lot longer to get baptized for example your sister. But the lord is also hastening his work and the people like Juan have been prepared. 

Juan Manuel was baptized by the bishop’s son so he has a friend in the church for when we leave. But he does have food now. He got a giant bag the other day as a handout. Maybe we can talk to the relief society and work something out.

Love Elder Blanchard

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