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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 26 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

On Tuesday we had a training from the president. He talked about the importance of not focusing on the numbers and remembering our purpose (inviting others to come unto Christ). And he talked about the importance of our teaching because it affects them for the rest of eternity.

We also got to hear from his wife and she always talks about health and the rules. She talked about the importance of making good eating habits here in the mission so we can eat well the rest of our life, and talked about the importance of taking care of our intestines.  

After the training all the missionaries from Anahuac (me, my companion Elder Babb, Elder Perez, Sister Aramburo and Sister Dudley) went to pizza hut and bought two giant pizzas, and some cinnamon rolls. We had a bit of pizza left over at the end and we went to go give the extra pieces to the little taurumara kids that beg outside of KFC. My comp handed them the pizza and they didn’t say thank you they just told him to give them his drink.

The taurumaras are very interesting, they always ask for money. The other week, we were in a house in a lesson and one little taurumara boy walked into the house and asked for money. He walked right up to me and got in my face not saying anything and had the bill of his hat pressed against my forehead. It was funny just because of how weird it was. 

Later on Tuesday night we went to Favella with a member who drove us (Favela is like a little ranch like ten fifteen minutes outside of Anahuac) to visit a recent convert and to visit a reference. The recent convert took us and showed us around her garden and was talking to us about the importance of self-sufficiency and growing your own food, she is really into agriculture. She also has this little museum in the back of her house with a bunch of things like mammoth bones, sabretooth tiger teeth, petrified wood and crystals and fossils and rocks I got to hold a meteorite that she had and that was pretty cool. After that we went to the reference and he was drunk out of his mind, and I couldn’t understand a word he said. 

On Wednesday, we were walking to our area that morning and we met the sisters, they told us that they saw our investigator smoking and that he tried to hide the cigarette when he saw them. We helped them carry their water jugs back to their house and on the way we saw the investigator (his name is Juan Manuel) and we talked to him a bit trying to encourage him. After that we went dropped the water jugs off at the sister’s house because we were going to visit the investigator later. 

After that we went looking for a reference that we got from a member and we found a less active member that is really nice. Her husband is catholic and actually pretty cool and we think he is going to progress fast. They gave us some juice and some pancakes with jam on the way out. The pancakes looked so good but we couldn’t eat them because of the rules so we took them over to Juan Manuel, that is when we found him smoking. He tried to hide it when he saw us, then he threw it away, we then had a lesson with him on the word of wisdom and commandments and the atonement. 

That night the sisters called us elders because they had a 'rat' in their house. They called the district leader but we had to go because there has to be four elders to be able to enter their house. We walked over there and found them huddled together scared to death of the 'rat'. We went over to where they said it was and we found it under a bucket and in a sticky trap. The zone leader, that was there with us because he was on divisions with Elder Babb, stuck a broom to the trap and chased the sisters around with it and then threw it away and we left.

Thursday not much happened. I worked with the zone leader in my area. He is a big soccer fan and loves the Italian team, he is from Ecuador he is one of the people who played soccer with us the other week. 

Friday we took some medicine (I think it is called Veerox) to cleanse our systems of parasites. 

Saturday we went to a bakery and bought some doughnuts. I bought an empanada filled with pineapple jelly and a classic doughnut bar filled with flan, and a French bread roll. They were all really good the bakeries are so good here.

After that we went to meet with Juan Manuel. We went to his house and he wasn’t there we called him and he said he was at the park. We were worried that he was smoking or something but luckily we found that he hadn’t smoke since the last time that we had caught him. He said he felt horrible and sick because he hadn’t but he was happy because of his progress and the encouragement we gave him. He was talking with a couple of old guys sitting on a railing and we got talking with all of them and invited everyone to church. Even Juan Manuel was inviting and trying to get them to come.

After those guys left we sat and talked with Juan Manuel. We got talking about fruit and he took us to a store to buy us some grapes because we said we liked grapes. I felt bad and didn’t want any because he is really poor and doesn’t have a lot. But he insisted. He bought my comp a mango and both of us like 5 oranges and then a candy bar thing. It was really cool to see his charity, and my comp said that ya it was tough to take his stuff but he will be blessed a ton for it. 

On Sunday we went for Juan Manuel to bring him to church but when we got to his house he wasn’t there. We called him and he was already on his way to the church. we ended up catching up to him and he wanted to buy us a soda, he didn’t because we told him we couldn’t drink it as missionaries but it was cool that he was so willing to share. He still hadn’t smoked and was even feeling better, it is really cool to see that he has gone for so long without smoking because he has been smoking since he was 14 and he is like 50 something. He is progressing so fast and it has been cool to see how happy he has been.

Glad to hear that the weather is so good for you guys over there. We have been dying of heat during the day, the sun is crazy strong already and it is only February. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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