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Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 27 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

This last Monday my companion wanted to try a Chinese place by our area. We went and the lady didn’t speak any Spanish (just like the Chinese workers at panda express barely speak English.) We asked her what the things were and I picked what I thought was orange chicken and what she had said was chicken…it turned out to be shrimp. I didn’t realize it was shrimp until I had it on my fork when we were in the bus on the way to Cuauhtémoc. I ended up eating it because I had already purchased it and I was hungry, it wasn’t too bad just tasted like fish sticks. I thought that I was going to get sick because we were already taking a gamble with that Chinese restaurant and on top of that I had ordered some fish.  I didn’t end up getting sick luckily. 

That Monday in our district meeting we got a cool lesson from our district leader. Our district leader is really smart and a great teacher. One thing that he pointed out that I thought was cool was that if we aren’t getting an answer to a prayer or something it is because the lord expects more from us, he is waiting until we do all that we are capable of before he answers. And also that the harder the commandment the bigger or greater the blessings. 

On Tuesday we did divisions and I worked with the zone leader in my area. As we were walking along the main street a car full of girls pulled up to us and they wanted us to get in with them and go for a ride. It was a pretty funny experience. Later on we went to a member’s house to take him on some visits with us. He is a youth and his name is Alex.

When we got there he was with a couple of his buddies and tending his little sister and we had to wait for his mom to get back from the store before we could go. While waiting we played basketball with him and his buddies. We used a speed limit sign as the hoop. while playing I had the ball and one of the kids tried to swipe the ball away and his hand went in my shirt pocket and it ripped the pocket off of my shirt. I looked pretty funny having to walk around after that with my pocket drooping. Luckily one of the elders is going to sow it up for me. That night Elder Babb and I taught the English class at the church. We read out of the book of Mormon taught them some greetings and how to say the letters of the alphabet.

On Wednesday morning Elder Gallup (the zone leader I was on divisions with) and I went to do some service for some old little lady. We went to her house and chopped up some wood for her. Elder Gallup had worked on a ranch before the mission chopping wood and taught me some of the basics to chopping the wood. It was a cool experience. At one point when I picked up a thing wood out of the pile there was a giant spider and I almost hucked the wood. That night we got a call from a member who wanted a blessing because the next morning she was going to have an operation. We went gave the blessing and she rewarded us with some quesadillas and some tortas (it is like a sandwich with toasted bread and meat).

On Thursday there was a wedding from some investigators from the sister’s area. All it really consisted of was us going to a building and signing some papers with the couple. Pretty uneventful wedding. The sisters did make some tres leches cake that was really good though. That night we had a lesson again with the deaf and mute people. We went back with them because our zone leader Elder Gallup speaks sign language. He was able to talk with them and they really seemed to like being able to communicate with someone. It was a really cool lesson to be part of. And Elder Gallup taught me the alphabet in sign language and some other basic words. 

Thursday and around twelve is when it started snowing. It had been raining the entire morning and then it snowed for the rest of the day. If it hadn’t been raining there would have been a whole lot more snow. It was crazy seeing how much it snowed and also that it was snowing in Mexico. It was weird because this week has been really hot up until Thursday. 

On Friday we found the woman version of Juan Manuel. She is an older lady who lost her husband eight years ago. She has no job. Has no money and has no family close by. It was sad to see at first but I am excited to see the gospel change her life in the same way it has with Juan Manuel. Juan Manuel is still progressing and if everything goes as planned will get baptized this Saturday. We had a lesson with him and he said that his daughter was coming over to visit on Sunday and that he would be busy. He wanted to know if he could still be baptized if he missed this Sunday, we told him that he would have to wait two more weeks if he did. And he said what if I go for an hour because I really want to be baptized. It is cool to see his desire to be baptized. 

Saturday we found another cool guy named Julio Sota. We had a cool lesson with him. He has tons of really good questions, like how do I know if what the truth is because all of the churches say they do. Or where does your church come from what is the path it has taken through history. Just questions that are easily answered with the story of joseph smith. He also has a lot of doubts on the catholic religion because of their passed and because of them baptizing babies. He is really cool and I bet he will progress well. We had a lesson with him last night and it went longer than we thought because of all of his questions and we had to run to our house so we wouldn’t arrive late. We had to run for like 10 or 15 minutes and it sucks running with a giant bag. 

Today we have a zone activity and we are going to play soccer and watch a movie. Hopefully the movie is Meet the Mormons.

Love Elder Blanchard 

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