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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 4 (MTC)

TYLER:   I'm online for the next little while if you want to email.
MOM:   Just write us a nice letter!!! And please send us some pictures.
TYLER:   I am trying right now to send pictures, the computer sucks though and its taking forever to read my SD card.
MOM:   Keep trying!!!
               Has your district been split yet? Are you guys all going at the same time?
               I heard Chandler Call got to the MTC, he is going to Mexico, but not sure where, so is Matt Hanson. Have you been an escort yet?
TYLER:   Our district didn't split and it won't.  We only lost one elder yesterday who was sent home because he wanted to fix some things, none of us know details.   We are all leaving around the same time, we think.   We get our travel plans tomorrow.
TYLER:   I think I saw Chandler Call the other day, I wasn't sure if it was him he looks different, I will try and say something next time.
MOM:   Did you like the jacket?
TYLER:   Um I don't know. I haven't tried it on yet. I will probably send it back. The tie was cool but I already have a blue one like it one kid wants to trade ties so I will trade with him.
               Can you send me a few more ties?  It's nice to have a few to trade with people.
MOM:   I was hoping you could trade your ties. What color would you like? Also send a little email to Emily.
MOM:   What kind of ties would you like?
               Did you get that  letter from me, telling me you can return things ?
TYLER:   Ya, I did get that letter you sent. I got an email of it and an actual paper in the mail. Any kind of tie will do, just not too skinny, if I don't like the tie I can always trade it.
TYLER:   Any tie works. I have a blue(solid), grey(solid), red, black, green, and orange
MOM:   Do you just want solid colors?
TYLER:   Any would work, e.g. checkered, striped, ones that look like bandanas, or polka dotted ones.
MOM:   Have you heard from Viviana yet?
MOM:   Can I send you a calling card? That way you could call me at the airport on your layovers?
Also are you ok if we make a blog for you and post your letters, for other people to read?
TYLER:   Ya I have heard of a lot of people doing the calling card things, so that should be fine. I guess it would be fine if you make a blog, but they have a bunch of rules in our handbook about blogs and what you can and can't post, but i think it just has to do with taking out names and stuff like that.
MOM:   You still need to write us a letter, dad wasn’t too happy that we got chopped up info last time!!! How are the devotionals? Any good talks?
TYLER:   The devotionals are decent, they are a hit and miss. Some speakers are great and funny and others are boring and hard to stay awake for. What do you mean I need to write a letter and that the last one was chopped up info?
MOM:   Last week he only read our emails, and said he would have liked a letter with the info.
TYLER:   Ok, I will try to write a letter throughout the week I guess. What would you guys like me to include?
MOM:   Everything!!! Don’t wait. Just write a little summary on how your week went, and if there was anything special that happened with your testimony, or with your language. That way I can put that on your blog. it doesn’t need to be very long. Has it been hard to be with someone all the time, or are you getting used to it?
TYLER:   It's hard to summarize because so much happens between the times that we have to email. We do something every hour of the day from 6:30 until 10:30.
MOM:   Just try, anything would be great!!! Whatever you remember the most.
TYLER:   Ok, I will do what I can.
TYLER:   It hasn't been hard to be with someone all of the time, I'm used to it I guess. And it makes it easy that I'm friends with my companion and those in my district. We do everything as a district so it's good that we all get along.
MOM:   Do you feel ready to go to Mexico?
I think I will give you Abulelito and Abuelita's email. Maybe you can start working on them with sharing your testimony in Spanish!!!
TYLER:   I don't think I'm even close to ready Spanish wise, just because they talk so fast and the words slur together. But everyone in my district wants to get over to Mexico, and I feel the same way, I think the only way for me to progress beyond this point is to be totally immersed.
TYLER:   I don't think I would have the time to email them, Spanish takes me a little bit to think about, and it's hard enough to write down stuff in English.
MOM:   Are you getting any letter or packets from other people?
TYLER:   I have gotten a package or two from grandpa and grandma, with cookies, licorice and little notes from all the little cousins.
TYLER:   All of the computers are taken up right now so I can't switch to one that will accept my SD card, so you will have to wait like ten minutes until other elders leave.
MOM:   Good that will give you the time to write about your week. Also write a little thing to Emily.
MOM:   Ok, so beside ties what else can we send you?
MOM:   Are there any pictures we could send you?
TYLER:   One minute let me log back onto a different computer.
TYLER:   Ok, I'm back.
MOM:   How is the laundry coming?
TYLER:   Laundry is easy. If you want to send me a little family picture from the last photo shoot thing that would be nice.
MOM:   You have the pictures we sent you last time, right?
            We haven't gotten the new ones yet.
TYLER:   That is Elder Rose in the background, he is from Utah, he played tennis.
TYLER:   That was of the temple earlier today.

MOM:   Love it, send more!!!
TYLER:   Are you getting the pictures?
MOM:   Yes!!! Keep them coming!!!
MOM:   Wow is that a selfie? I am impressed!!!
TYLER:   No, it's not a selfie, it was taken by Elder St. Pierre. He was being funny and got really close to me while taking the picture.

TYLER:   I need to start a new thread of emails real quick because it says it has run out of space.

TYLER:   This was the first one he took, he then just got closer and closer.

MOM:   What is the color tie you would like the most?
TYLER:   I don't care, anything works, even if I end up not liking it I can trade it.
TYLER:   One of the guys in my district gave me his indoor soccer shoes because they were too small for him.  His name is Elder Gomez, he gave me neon-yellow Nike Mercurials.

TYLER:   Today we played soccer and everyone thought I was amazing.  It was funny to watch because the grass was wet and everyone was slipping and sliding everywhere.

MOM:   You look happy!!!! Do you need more long sleeved shirts? What has been a hit or miss on your packages, so I can send you things you would like
TYLER:   Sorry I didn't see this message. I don't think I need more long sleeve shirts. We only wear them to the temples, it's too hot to wear them any time other than that.
MOM:   Do you only do Endowments or do you get to do baptism as well?
TYLER:   We aren't allowed to do baptisms, only endowments and initiatories. Today we did initiatories, we usually switch off.
TYLER:   Did you ask if Viviana has sent me anything?  I thought I saw that message somewhere but I can't find it, the Google mail is being weird.
TYLER:   If you did ask that the answer is no, I haven't received anything.
MOM:   Viviana asked for your address.
TYLER:   Ok, I haven't received anything yet but I will look out for something.
MOM:   Thanks for the pictures. You look happy. Let me know if there is anything you need before leaving for Mexico. I hope you continue having a wonderful time. Remember the times go way to fast. You are almost done with the MTC!!! Enjoy all the learning and the spiritual feast!!! Also enjoy your time at the temple, you won't be able to go for 2 years after the MTC. We keep you in our prayers all the time and are very proud of you and the person you have become!!!!   
MOM:   Hey, John Taller is going on a Mission, he is going to Buenos Aires Argentina!!
MOM:   Ok, love you take care!!!              
Emily Email:
EMILY:  Hi , this is Emily.
TYLER:   Hi Emily, thanks for sending all of the treats and for your letters. This week I'm going to try and send you a letter in the mail. How is school? Do you like your new teacher?
TYLER:   How do you like school?
EMILY:  She is really nice, but my chines teacher talks fast.
TYLER:   That is kind of how it is for me here at the MTC, except it's not the teachers that talk fast, it's the people we teach. We have to go and teach people in Spanish, and they talk really fast.
EMILY:  that is cool you get to talk in spanish!!
TYLER:   How is soccer?
EMILY:  it is good, it has been fun,
TYLER:   Sorry my internet froze on my last computer and I have run out of time we have to go to dinner. I am going to try and send you a letter in the mail. Tell everyone hi for me. See ya later.       

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