Julio Velazquez-Elder Tyler Blanchard
Po. Box 1486
Presidio, TX 79845

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Arrival in Chihuahua (Mission Home)

We received an email from Tyler as soon as he arrived:

"I made it here!!!  I don't have a companion yet and I don't know where I will serve but we find out tomorrow morning. 
They said that we won't be able to let you guys know until next p-day.  The weather is perfect, or at least it was today. We started off with a meal at the mexican version of golden corral. 

Talk to you guys next p-day which is on Monday."

Through the mission blog page, we were able to see Tyler the following morning in their assignment meeting and with his new companion.  

Through some investigation we found out his name is Elder Maldonado from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico!!!  I guess he got what he wanted.  

We don't know how much English he speaks but we're excited for him.  

As soon as we know his new area and address, we will post it to his blog page.

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