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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 5 (MTC)

TYLER:   I'm on for a bit if you want to email.

TYLER:   I got my travel plans, we leave the MTC for Chihuahua at 2:35 in the morning. Today Elder Gumm and I packed up. I don't have to worry that much about exceeding the weight limit, I think I'm well below. I got the package with all of the ties and food, thank you. I really liked the ties that were sent. I also got a package from the Wendt's. They sent me a cool tie, a letter, and a lot of candy. This morning I stuck a letter in the mail for Emily but I have no idea when it will get there. Today I saw Matt Hansen and I talked to him for a bit, it was cool to see him.

MOM:   Hi Tyler, so what day are you leaving?
TYLER: We leave Monday morning.
MOM:   Where are you flying too? How long is the layover? That is probably the time you could call. Your dad send you a letter with a calling card in it.
TYLER:   We are flying to Dallas Texas, we are supposed to get there at about nine and there is supposed to be a three hour layover.
MOM:  You actually liked the tie? I thought you would exchange them.
TYLER:   I did like them they were all pretty cool.
MOM:  Is that the new tie I sent?
MOM:  Are you all set for Monday? Is there anything you would like us to send to you before then?
TYLER:   I don't think I need anything, I think I have everything that I need.
MOM:   Have you gotten dads letter?
TYLER:   I haven't gotten dad's letter either.
MOM:  So how are you doing? Are you ready to go? Probably tired of the MTC? Or are you sad that you won't be seeing some of the elders anymore? I think you said half of your district is going to Puebla?
TYLER:   I'm doing great. I am definitely ready to go.  My Spanish isn't the best but I feel like the only way for me to progress at this point is to just be surrounded by people who speak it.  Ya it will be sad not seeing some of them anymore, but I'm excited to get out of the MTC.
MOM:   Have you gotten any letters from him before?
TYLER:  And yes I have gotten his letters in the past.
TYLER:   I don't have a lot of time to talk, we did endowments at the temple today and that one takes longer. We are going out to eat right now, but if you have any more questions just ask. I will try and get on later and answer them.  I will also try to take a picture of my travel itinerary for you.

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