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Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 61 (Carmago, Mexico)

This week went well, not too much different. We are still looking for some cool investigators. Lots of contacting still but our area has the town center and so there are always a lot of people. 

This last week I destroyed my toe. I was walking by my bed and kicked my bed post and peeled it up. It killed a ton but now it’s getting a lot better. The thing that sucks is that I always seem to bump that toe right now.

On Saturday I got a call at 9am and I was told that my companion had changes and that he needed to be in Chihuahua at 2. We were on divisions and he was in a different city and I had to pack everything for him and I took it all to the bus stop and we waited for his bus to come and then I hopped on and we left for Chihuahua. My new companion is Elder Crockett he is from Orem, Utah. He is 19 and has about a year in the mission. He seems cool so far. 


Elder Blanchard

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