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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 60 (Carmago, Mexico)

I have to agree that lots of us take the gospel for granted. In answer to your question to me asking if I feel my testimony has grown…I definitely feel my testimony has grown. I thought as I left for my mission that I knew it all and that I knew all that there was to know. Here in the mission, the more I learn the more I realize how little I knew and how profound the gospel is. I have come to a better understanding of what it means to have the fullness of the restored gospel. 

You are right, it is a neat experience to be a full-time missionary. And, I am really grateful for the experience. It is the best decision I, or anyone else, could make. In the scriptures and the church history there is always some kind of exodus. When the lord tries the people asking them to make some sacrifices and take some leaps of faith. (The family of Lehi and the pioneers left homes and possessions; others asked to leave traditions, old beliefs. etc.) I feel like the mission is my exodus.

The gospel isn’t a place of comfort zones, you can’t really become converted or make any real progression unless you leave that comfort zone. And the mission made me leave my comfort zone.  In the beginning we think that we are giving to the Lord but that is really insignificant and overshadowed when we look at what the hands of the lord are doing to mold, shape, and direct us into where, and what he wants. Nothing I left is worth more than what the Lord has and is giving me. 

We did see all five sessions of conference but we were in and out, trying to get the English one going at different time, but we did see the majority. We get the Ensign from every month, but here it’s called the Liahona. And we can choose English or Spanish. On top of that I just download talks from onto my USBs and listen to them in the mornings and nights and I can listen to any talk I want.

I am planning on going and buying some new pairs of pants soon. Maybe even tomorrow, my comp has to go to Chihuahua for some immigration stuff and we are going to get some. And, they are some pretty nice pants too, usually expensive but since the dollar is so high they cost like 50 bucks. So I will finally be using my card.   Also, I haven’t gotten my shoes yet but tomorrow we are going to Chihuahua and I will check. 

Viviana sent me this really cool watch with a blue face that is half analog and half digital with a black band. She sent me a nice tie, two chocolate bars that are really good, and also some chocolate sticks, and a pack of gummy bears and aromat seasoning.

This week we did a ton of walking and traveling. We went to a bunch of little ranches around our area. We went to see if it is worth it to be visiting the people and making trips. We are going to be doing the same this next week too.

The weather has been getting a lot better too, a lot fresher and the mornings are cooler. 


Elder Blanchard

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