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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 49 (Riberas, Mexico)

Not too much going on here that hasn’t already been said. This weekend we are going to do an activity at the movie theater for the investigators. We are putting on the restoration video about Joseph Smith. 

This last week during a contact that we were doing, someone asked us how old we were. After they heard that I was 19 and my companion 25, they asked if I was my companion’s kid. Ha-ha I thought it was pretty funny because we don’t look alike at all, not even close and we are only 6 years apart, I’m not sure what the guy was thinking. 

Also another contact we did asked where we were from. I told them I was from the United States and then they asked my companion if he was a gringo too because his accent sounded gringo. I guess my accent is rubbing off on him and his on me. The day before I had been told that I speak pretty well. 

This week I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Wray. He is from Utah. The lady who was supposed to feed us was on her way out when we arrived so she just gave us 200 pesos. We then went to this bacon burger restaurant and got some burgers and ice-cream. 

We have a few cool investigators but we have a hard time finding everyone. Everyone here is always out working or just away. It is just hard getting in and sitting down with the investigators. There is a little girl Ana that is eleven and her mom Susana and they want to get baptized but the husband won’t let them do it or give them permission. There is one lady named Juanita that is pretty cool and will get baptized the first week of August. Her only problem is she has kept pushing back the date. Another couple named Carlos and Veronica. They are really cool too but hard to find. The wife is about to have a baby and is always gone at the doctor and the husband is always working to make sure they can support the new kid. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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