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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week 35 (Bario del Norte, Mexico)

The first week here in Bario del Norte was great. It was cool to meet all of the members and people here. We are kind of rebuilding the area. The area is a ward and there is a bishop. The ward is really cool from what I can see so far. The members are really nice. 

The area seems to be doing really well money wise. Lots of rich people, or as we say here, chorcho. The food has been so good this last week. It is like I went to a different country because the pace of life is so different here. A lot faster and busier. In my other area it was very calm and not many people. 

My new comp is pretty cool and we are getting along really well. He has a ton of experience and I have a lot to learn from him. It is great because he wants to go out strong and working hard.

It was hard to say good bye to Anahuac, it didn’t feel real. I don’t know much about Juan or have any way to keep in touch with him. Last I heard still no job, but strong in the church still.

My new district is really cool. I am in charge of elders. Elder Vuyke (he has six weeks left too), was in Cuauhtémoc for some time with me and he was a comp to my old comp Elder Hansen, he is from West Jordan and played soccer there at that high school. Elder Sanchez is his comp and I’m still getting to know him, he has the same time as me in the mission and was actually comps with my comp right now.

Elder Anderson and Elder Garcia are the other two elders, we eat with them every day so I know them better. Elder Anderson is from Idaho and he has 9 months in the mission one transfer more than me and he is a really hard worker, he played football and rugby and he is really tall.

His comp is from Vera Cruz, Mexico too like my comp. He is 24 and has started the mission like 3 different times. He went the first time to go to MTC, got to the airport and waited for someone to come pick him up for 2 days. He didn’t sleep or eat or drink got sick and went home. Later he tried to go out into the mission field and was still sick from his first experience.

Now he started again and is in training and is being trained by this other elder. He ate a bad burrito in the airport before he got here and he has been really sick this last week. Throwing up and really dizzy. On Saturday he went to the hospital and the mission president called for his info and we think he might be heading home.

From what I know he is still in the hospital and the last I heard they were doing tests on his blood. Even though Elder Garcia was sick they still got a baptism and confirmation this last week which was cool. I also went to the area of Elder Vuyke and interviewed one of his investigators her name is Kenya and she is 12 years old and should be getting baptized this next Saturday.

When I went with Elder Vuyke there were some kids in the street and we played soccer with them a bit and contacted them. I guess the US and Mexico played the other day and the score was 3 to 1 for USA. While playing with the kids the parents who were selling corn dogs gave us each one for free. We then talked to a family who lived in West Jordan and who spoke English. Crazy small world.

My zone leaders are pretty cool. Elder Hogan is one leader. He was on the video chat when we talked on Christmas, and he lives in Herriman, he only has like a few months or so till he goes home.  His comp is Elder Burton and is from Canada and his brother has like 3 months in the mission and is serving in Switzerland. Yesterday we contacted a woman named Nicha and she seems really cool and open to our message. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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