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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 33 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

This last Monday we played soccer at the church before we started our meetings. There were like 9 or so missionaries and some youth that played 3v3. I also lucked out again and didn’t have to give lesson to the district that I was helping out with. The sisters in the district had to go to Chihuahua so one of the sisters could talk to the president. 

On Tuesday I tried some cow liver. We were eating at a member’s house and after we finished up they asked if we had tried liver, I said no I hadn’t and I also didn’t even know what the word meant. They said ok and stuck about a thumb sized thing of liver on my plate. It was already too late to reject it so I ended up trying it and luckily it wasn’t horrible. It didn’t have much of a taste.

While we were walking on the street on Tuesday there were a bunch of kids playing soccer in the street and the elder I was with wanted to contact them so we went and juggled with them. It was pretty fun to juggle with a bunch of them, we taught them a few tricks to do, and got some contacts.

On Wednesday I got told by some investigators that I looked like a 15-year old. Ha-ha it is fun because everyone here in Mexico thinks that I am 15. On Wednesday I was going to baptize someone that I interviewed the other week but she ended up not wanting to get baptized and they couldn’t get her pumped up enough to do it. We couldn’t get the boiler to start so the water was going to be freezing, but she ended up agreeing to be baptized this next week.

On Saturday I went to Cuauhtémoc with Elder Babb's companion whose name is Elder Rojas. We went to go find a kid who had been baptized earlier in the week so we could confirm him, he had left to be with his grandma for a week because this week is a holiday here and everyone has school and work off. We weren’t able to find him. When we got back we met up with Elder Babb and Elder Hansen and we went to visit some friends of a recent convert a kid named Brandon. This kid is pretty cool, he has been helping us missionaries out a lot, but he is leaving today for three months to go visit his dad in another state of Mexico.

On Sunday we called Juan Manuel in the morning to remind him about church. He told us he didn’t want to come because the other day the president of the branch didn’t come and pick him up to take him to Cuauhtémoc for an auto sufficiency meeting like he said he would and Juan got offended and didn’t want to come. Luckily we got him to forgive the president after talking with him before church and reading some scriptures.

Later president told Juan that he was going to bring him some food, and later Juan left with Elder Hansen and Elder Rojas to do some visits and Juan said that the president never brought anything over. It sucks because the president isn’t intentionally doing these things he is just a crazy busy guy and doesn’t even live in Anahuac.

Also there was a missionary that served here thirty or something years ago who came to visit the ward, it was pretty interesting to hear him talk about how different the mission was.

When I was in Cuauhtémoc I wasn’t really with just one companion, I switched it up a lot. I was with Elder Newman’s sometimes and others I was with Elder Gallup (my zone leader, from park city or something) and other times with Elder Campuzano (my other zone leader, from Ecuador). It was really cool and I learned a lot. I did miss the ward in Anahuac.

But yesterday when I got back everyone was telling me that they are glad that I am back and that they missed me. It was pretty cool. I hate that I have been here so long because it will be hard to leave this ward and the members here. And also last week on Sunday we had a district conference and everyone (including those from Anahuac) met together in Cuauhtémoc and we listened to Pres. Chavez my mission president and his wife speak and some others too. They all asked me during that meeting when I was coming back. The members are really cool here, and I have made some good friends.

The only thing I have to complain about the American food was the mayonnaise and guacamole on the burger. Still can’t get over the mayonnaise. The word here for gross is wakala (not sure if that is how you spell it but that is how it is phonetically) and it is funny how close that word is with guacamole. But it was good to eat some good old American food again. One of the members said she was going to make pizza for me when I returned this last week but I stayed in Cuauhtémoc and wasn’t able to go. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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