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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 35 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

On Tuesday we talked with this pastor guy and this other crazy Christian guy. They just wanted to bible bash and fight.  They kept saying our blue book, or the Book of Mormon, was another gospel and that we were wrong for having it. It was pretty funny because they obviously haven’t even read the Book of Mormon.  We then went to the church with a bunch of kids from the area of the elders and we all played some football with them and then we had the English class.

On Wednesday, I went to Cuauhtémoc on divisions and there were a handful of investigators and members that recognized me from other times I have visited them from way back in December.

On Thursday when I got back, during dinner, the member said that she was going to make me some pizza because the last two times she had done so I wasn’t able to be there. She told me she would make it for me for the next week but we told her that I might not be there either because of the transfers so she told us all to come on Sunday night and she would make us a pizza.

On Friday we had a lecture or training from President Chavez about talents and gifts. It was way cool, I forgot my little notebook but basically he started off by teaching the difference between a gift and talent.

A talent is something that we are able to develop through training and practice. And a gift is a gift from god that is based of worthiness and that is used to build up the kingdom of god. All of us have at least two gifts (I think there might have been one more), agency and the holy ghost.

It doesn’t matter how many gifts we have just how we use them.  He talked about the parable of the talents. everyone was given a talent or gift based on their capacity. For us to receive more gifts we have to use what we have and multiply and grow it.

On Saturday we went to a park and played baseball with a bunch of kids who were investigators to get them to go to church on Sunday. It was pretty hot and my comp got a funny sunburn on his face because he didn’t get the sunscreen spread well. 

We have been working a lot with a bunch of kids lately because the elders found a bunch in their area because one got baptized and all of his friends wanted to as well. Seven kids have been baptized in the last three weeks.

On Sunday it was rainy and windy and we had a hard time getting everyone to church. I taught the last class and one of the people in the presidency of the branch extended me a calling as the gospel teacher, he said that I had been there so long that I needed a calling ha-ha.

We got called last night at 10:35 after we were already in bed about the transfers. I got transferred, Elder Babb in the other companionship got transferred and sister Dudley the one with red hair from Texas got transferred. I am now in Barrio Del Norte, I think it is in the southern part of the city. We are like 10 minutes from the mission house.

My new comp is from Mexico his name is Elder Rolon he is from Vera Cruz by the Gulf of Mexico. This is the last 6 weeks of his mission because he goes home at the end of this cycle. He seems pretty cool don’t know much about him yet though.

I have been called as district leader and from what I know I have one companionship of elders in my district. My house is two story and it looks pretty nice. It is just us that live there and we have a boiler that works so that means hot water. My old companion, Elder Maldonado my trainer, is now and assistant to the president of the mission I got to talk to him for a bit and it was cool to catch up a bit.

Love Elder Blanchard

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