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Friday, August 8, 2014

MTC Drop Off

Tyler, we love you  and wish you the very best experience ever!!!
We dropped off our son Tyler at the MTC Wednesday and it was literally a drop off.  We felt we were prepared for the moment but that moment was brief and over before we knew it.  We are ready for him to serve in Mexico and we are excited for him to gain some great experience over the next two year that will shape his life forever. 

During the drop-off, Daniel was his usual nonchalant self so I'm not sure of the impact on him and feelings toward this event.   Emily surprisingly maintained her composure as if this had been practiced many times before.  Any concerns that I might have with Tyler leaving are for her and the bond that she has with her older brother that has grown more intense over time.  They were inseparable at home, side-by-side kicking a soccer ball, playing FIFA on the PS3 or poking and jabbing at each other.  While this relationship will  be put on hold for the next two years, Emily will find other ways to continue their friendship and has already mentioned writing her brother no less than five minutes after the drop-off.

These last few weeks have been a scramble getting things ready.  As picky as Tyler is and with his busy schedule, we found ourselves going to many stores, buying clothes and returning clothes.  I believe that we are now prepared which I think has help with the parting. 

I had the great experience of having Tyler work at my office with many opportunities to eat lunch together.  These were quick lunches and generally light on conversation, but if you know Tyler, this is the norm.  Everyone at my work has said nothing but great things about Tyler and his hard work and they have already been asking about him since his last day of work.
 Tuesday night we had the opportunity to for Tyler to be set-apart as a missionary as he received a great blessing from the stake president and great words of wisdom from his counselor and the bishop.  I wish that all could hear the great blessing and promises that were made but these will be held for Tyler and those present for this special occasion.


It has been fun to watch Tyler interact with people outside of our own family as we have rarely seen this side of our son.  He is engaging, funny and has a great personality that we have never experience within our own interactions.   These interactions have helped us know that he will be fine and he will get by, even if socializing is not his strong point.  Regardless, I would lying if I said there was no worry about his time away from home but he will do great.
We couldn't have asked for better son's and daughter's, and Tyler has taken steps in the right direction to grow and become a great man that we know he already is. 

Here's to a great adventure over the next two years!!! 

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