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Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 83 (Chihuahua, Mexico)

It is the Semana Santa and everyone is going on vacations and leaving out of town. 

This last Friday night, the Barraza family went with the ward to the temple.  They went at 10:30 at night and took off in a bus with other members to go the temple in Juarez. They told us that it was a great experience and that they were amazed how perfect it was on the inside and how every detail was perfect. And they loved the feeling of the spirit on the inside.

We are planning to baptize Perla’s sister and her daughter, their names are Ruby Esmeralda and Isabel. But, they don’t get back until this next Saturday or so and we think it will have to be for the 1 or 2 of April.

We found some other cool people but their parents won’t let us teach or do anything so that sucks. We contacted this kid named Edgar in the street one day and he showed us where he lived and presented us to his older sister and then we showed them the church Easter video and the little kid (like 9 or 10) said. “is it like that in real life?”  He was really pumped and liked the video a lot.  

We left them the restoration pamphlet and we had an appointment for the next day to show up and talk about it. We passed by but they were busy so we just reminded them of the homework of the pamphlet and the little kid had read but he told us he didn’t understand anything because he is little.  He has been way cool he gave us candy as we were leaving.  But later we went and the mom told us to leave and doesn’t want us to talk to them. The kid and his older sister were both going to come to church but the mom wouldn’t let them. So we have to keep on looking.

That is cool that you guys were able to go the temple dedication at the church. It does suck that my mission is finishing up but like you said it will be cool to go to the temple again.

Love Elder Blanchard

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