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Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 81 (Chihuahua, Mexico)

We had a good week this week. With the family Barraza we had a lesson on temples that went really well.  We left them some homework on the word of wisdom for the next visit and she asked us if she could prepare something to teach us on the word of wisdom. So our next lesson she is going to teach us about the word of wisdom. We also talked with her a bit about fast and testimony meeting and how on Sunday people went up and shared their testimonies. She said that she was going to do it.

We had almost finished up and we were getting ready to go when the grandma and aunt came over. We talked with them a bit about the church and the aunt said she wanted to come to church on Sunday and check it out. She came and brought two of her three kids. The third one had come the week before and had listened a bit but had homework from college and couldn’t make it. 

Yesterday during the meeting the mom got nervous and couldn’t get up to share her testimony like she was planning on doing. We didn’t think that she would but she got up at the very end. She was the very last person to share her testimony. It was so cool how she got up and she is not even a member. She talked about how God has slowly been guiding her the whole time. At first she started doing it for her daughters and then realized how in reality it is something that she needed and has been looking for. She then said, “This is only my second or third time here but I know that where I stand is in the only true church.”
The ward mission leader was sitting behind us (his wife is the one that you talk to on Facebook, they are the family Barragan) he leaned up and said, “When are we baptizing her?”

After the meeting, all of the members came up and got to know her and her family and they all made them feel at home.

So the plan is to try and baptize her and her daughter Fatima this week. The goal was for the next week, but they have progressed so fast and the temple trip is next week and we hope to get them up there with the ward.

This last week I got the Valentines package, thanks a lot. It arrived in the perfect time right as I finished the last package. We have already downed all of the chocolates and the others are perfect for snacks throughout the day. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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