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Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 77 (Chihuahua, Mexico)

This week went pretty well. It was really cool to be back in the same ward again and see all of the members.

On Tuesday we had a really cool lesson. We were teaching the plan of salvation and it went really well, she was really receptive and participated well, was answering questions. The lesson was going really well, my companion created the atmosphere that was perfect for the spirit, me and my companion going back and forth who sent us here, why, then I quoted Henry B. Eyring and said that “no one is destined to fail” from his talk to help them aim high. She started crying, she said wow, that simple phrase just hit me, it just clicked.  

Then she started to try and explain what she was feeling and started crying even more. The spirit was crazy strong, and the lesson was awesome. She has a baptismal date for this weekend so we will be seeing how that goes.

This week we had the leadership council and we learned about true repentance, and about the parable of the debtor. It was really cool.

After, we went and visited a family that got baptized when I was here last year. Someone in my district taught the daughter and I had gone to visit the family a couple times. It was cool to go back and see all of the blessings that they had received from the gospel. Before their house wasn’t in the best shape and wasn’t the best environment, but now the house is clean, looks nice, and it feels good on the inside. It is cool to see the difference that the gospel has made in their lives.

Today we went to visit someone in the morning and they are a youth like 22-years old. The guy speaks English and was really interested to talks as well. We saw his name in the phone that we have under the investigators section, we called and he said that it would be fine if we passed sometime this next week, then right as we were about to hang up he said can you guys come Monday in the morning?  So we went today and the lesson went a bit into how the gospel fills the emptiness that we sometimes feel in our lives.

This week went well, but the zone is not working that hard and we are trying to figure out what to do to get them pumped up and to get them moving. But me and my comp get along really well, he is a hard worker and he is really good with working with goals, always has the goals in mind, and is always formulating plans or ideas as to how to get the goal.

Love Elder Blanchard

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