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Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 78 (Chihuahua, Mexico)

This week on Monday night we went to run to the bank to take out some money.  It was running late and it was iffy as to whether or not we would arrive home on time. We got to the bank and the ATM was out of order and we weren’t able to take anything out and we were going to have to book it home. Then we ran into a member and we stopped and talked for a minute and I got to catch up with them. They bought us donuts and gave us a ride so we could make it home on time.

What is really crazy is that this last year the first time I met this family we were running late on our way home as well, and we were crazy far and this family pulled up and gave us a ride home so we would get home on time, and here I am a year later in the same situation and the first time I run into the family again they are saving us from being late.

This week we weren’t able to get that one lady baptized we were going to get here baptized on Saturday night when three others got baptized, but something kept popping up and making it so she wasn’t able to get baptized.  We were able to get her to come to the baptism that night at least to watch and she was about to get changed to get baptized too but she got a message last minute from someone in her family with an 'emergency' that she had to pick up. The date for the baptism now is for Thursday so we will see what happens. 

On like Wednesday, we were walking in the street and some guy called us over and asked me if I remembered him, and at first I didn’t recognize him and then talking, he told me that we had talked in Parral.  He was an investigator of some of the sisters and he was going to get baptized but in the end he backed out and disappeared.  We talked a bit and I took down his address, the only thing that sucked is that he didn’t live in our zone.  He was living in another part of Chihuahua.

Then I passed the reference to the zone to which he belonged to. They ended up visiting him and a couple days later at a training meeting we had with president I talked with those zone leaders and they told me that the guy was awesome and that he was to get baptized that week. Then on Friday the day before his baptism, we ran into him working in another part (he is in construction and works around in a lot of parts) and he told us that he was to get baptized the next day and that he was really happy.

This week I have been studying a bit on pride, it is a talk that comes from Ezra Taft Benson, and it is really good. It says that it is a sin that is really misunderstood and many are sinning in ignorance, it talks about how disobedience is a prideful power struggle in which we are competing our will against God’s will wishing not to align ourselves with him and his will but rather wishing that he would change to be in harmony with what we want. It talked about how enmity towards fellow men is a big part of pride as well, where we lift ourselves above others.

He says that the prideful are not satisfied in having something just in having more of something than someone else and that they have the mindset if you succeed I fail, and that their self-worth is determined by the number of people below them on the ladder of success (that is determined by the world) and that by doing this, or fearing men’s judgement more than God's judgement we give up our independence from the world and we turn in our freedoms to the bondage of men’s judgements. The talk is really good and I learned a lot. 

This last week I got your package, thanks everything is great. In our house there are three gringos living together and we are enjoying the American goodies. I am everyone’s best friend now, haha. 

Love Elder Blanchard

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