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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 17 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

My week was really good. This last night we found out that my companion Elder Maldonado is getting transferred.

I go to Chihuahua tomorrow morning and everyone in Chihuahua that was told that they were getting changed will be there in the chapel. They do a power point and tell everyone then and there. So I will find out tomorrow, wish me luck with my new comp. Ya, I am sad he is leaving especially because I have barely been with him. But I am excited for the new comp but a bit scared at the same time. I was kind of hoping to get switched to a different area, just because there are like no people in Anahuac and the people that are there all leave during the day and go to Cuauhtémoc for work and stuff. My neighbors stay the same.

What a cool experience and opportunity that you guys had to go to the live nativity, that is cool that Emily got to take her friend Lille too.  Sounds like she made a good friend and that going to Sparta was a good choice for that reason too. Also cool that you guys got those tickets for the Mormon tabernacle Christmas concert, it’s crazy all of the blessings and miracles that you receive because of your service. 

I did get the package, it was perfect. I tried to take pictures with everything. The ties are awesome everyone has been complimenting me on them. And the snacks are perfect too, and the Cheese-Its and Goldfish and jerky were a nice addition. The bars were just the right ones too. Here they give us bars and snacks from the Kellogg’s brand, Nature Valley, and Quaker and they are all delicious. And I liked the Christmas stuff too, especially the stocking. Ha-ha that was cool with my name and everything.

You are probably right, I might not be as lucky in my next area. We were given a washing machine by the office because of all of the success within the zone and in Anahuac so we won’t have to spend money on washing in stores. 

Christmas is very commercialized here in Mexico. You do see a lot of that “I want this” or “what am I getting”. At this park area in Cuauhtémoc, Coca-Cola set up tons of lights and decorations everywhere for Christmas. And they made sure to let everyone know who was sponsoring everything.  It was cool to see all of those lights and decorations.

Glad to hear that Emily did well in her piano recital. I always remember I could never remember the songs and would forget parts during the performance. That is cool thought that she is able to do that and that she wasn’t nervous.
Yeah I am still really liking this Mexican food hear. I am really going to miss the tortillas here. The corn ones are alright but the flour ones are amazing, just those with some beans is amazing.

Not much was different this week, we did the activity showing the videos and inviting people again. But this time we set up three different projectors in the park in front of the theater and just invited people. We showed several different videos but every time we showed the one that we that just came out everyone would flock around and watch, they were just drawn to it. It was really cool to see. 

After the activities a member would give us a ride home so we would cram 14 people in his car and we would get dropped off at our houses.
Love elder Blanchard

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