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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week 15 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

I've had a great week and a good zone activity too. The activity was just playing jeopardy together eating cookies, Applebees, and watching a movie. It was a reward for having done so well as a zone in the past few weeks. This week they rented a soccer field and all of the guys in our zone played soccer. Everyone was amazed with how I played.

This week was kind of crazy.  We have been doing a lot of splits, that means they switch my companion for a day or less. During this week I was with three or four different companions. I spent two days working with the new guy, Elder Babb. It wasn't bad, but I much rather having someone to follow than blindly leading someone. 
We weren't able to get into more than two lessons so we just contacted a ton of people. After that I went to Cuautémoc and worked with a few different elders. It was actually pretty fun. I only don't like sleeping in other people's apartments. The food in Cuautémoc is really good. There is a member who owns a KFC and one day i ate KFC. We got mashed potatoes, fries, four pieces of chicken, drinks and biscuits. It was all free and it was great to have American food again. 
The next day we had empenadas filled with meat, eggs and potatoes. They were really good (they weren't nearly as good as the ones from home) and they also had a blueberry cake. The next day was pretty good, just meat potatoes and tortillas.The member who fed us has a disabled son and he always slaps people, so during the food he was just trying to slap us in our faces but it wasn't bad it was a funny experience.
The weather here has actually been perfect during the day. Only cold when the sun goes down, and then I just wear that jacket that I bought, it was like 42 bucks.
The ward has been great, not a lot is new because I wasn't in my area for like a week and on Sunday we had a meeting with a zone leader and a few district leaders right after sacrament. Thanksgiving is just another day for almost everyone unless you get lucky. I think there are a few like Viviana who try to do a little something extra special. My comp said that he ate a Thanksgiving dinner last year and he loved it so hopefully there is something like that that goes on here.
That's cool that you get to go to grandmas house. Right now I am craving all of the pies that they always have. I am going to miss turkey, some nice rolls and mashed potatoes. I will miss that pumpkin pie desert you made, the one with oats in the crust and also pumpkin pie in general. Ya, I don't think that I would want you to send a pie. But they have had some great desserts so i can't complain.
We went to Sam's Club a few times for food and they had the Christmas decorations and the trees and the Christmas treats out and it reminded me a lot of home. But other than that I have only seen one Christmas tree and one house with lights. It will be different, but it shouldn't be too bad.
I am able to understand a lot when I read. The Book of Mormon is a bit difficult, but i usually have my english one side by side to help out sometimes. But the Old and New Testament are really difficult to understand in Spanish. I spend more time in the English than the Spanish because I'm constantly checking to find out what a word means.
I am not sure what to say about the little ward, the members are great but they don't have a lot of people. Last Sunday Elder Babb and I were asked at the last minute to give a lesson in priesthood class. There were only three people in the class so it wasn't too bad but their ears were probably in pain after the class because of our accents.
Elder Blanchard

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