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Friday, November 14, 2014

Week 13 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

My birthday was great, I got lots of treats. I got a pack of snickers from Elder Babb, my companion gave me that red sweater and we had a zone meeting that day and when everyone heard they all gave me some of their snacks that they had brought. I sent you guys a few pictures with the gifts that I got. I did not get a cake in the face because there was no cake. But I think some of the members are making a cake for Sunday, so I will be on the lookout.

I don't remember what I ate for my birthday but the food here is always good so I probably enjoyed it.

Glad to hear that they posted those pictures of our meeting and that you were able to see them. The jacket is Elder Maldonado's that he let me borrow. And yes I ate some grasshoppers or something I am not sure. It actually wasn't too bad. It was really crunchy and didn't have much of a taste, once you got over putting the bug in your mouth it was fine haha. And no, it was definitely not spatzle haha.

We had a meeting with president Chavez that day and he told everyone to cancel their food appointments for the day because they were to be providing food. We got there and they said ok here is you food and brought out the bag of grasshoppers and all of the sisters were terrified. They had us line up and everyone ate some. Luckily later they gave us actual food. They bought everyone a burger and let us have more if we wanted two burgers. I got a double special with ham, bacon and a Hawaiian with pineapple.

I haven't really noticed an accent yet but I can definitely see my grammar going. Just looking back at the sentences I have written here or in my journal I can see how strange it was written.

Last Tuesday we had some guy pull up next to us when we were walking in the street and he wanted to know everything about the church.  He wanted a Book of Mormon, wanted lessons and was the epitome of a golden investigator. It is too bad that he was in the area of Elder Babb and his companion though.

There is also another store owner that was very interested and said that he had stopped by the church a lot but it was always closed. We gave him a pamphlet and the next time we stopped and he had filled out and answered all of the questions in the back of the pamphlet and he was very excited about all we had to say. But his wife won't let him come to church or talk to us so I don't think we will be getting anywhere with him.

(This is the new zone. Elder Babb is the second one in from the right on the back row and his comp Elder Garivay is to his right.)

I have not been able to go to Chihuahua yet and grab my package I hope to get to go soon , but I don't know. How is sending packages? is it expensive or a pain to send them? Haha tell Emily thanks for praying that I receive the packages.

The weeks are going by so fast. In the MTC they said the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. and it is so true. Well the days actually aren't that slow. 

It is true, the gospel really does make a big difference in the lives of people. I think I already told you guys about the family that was reactivated in the gospel the family of the Little girl Alejandra. They have changed so much, the difference is night and day, and it has been a great opportunity to watch them go through that change a to have been a part of re-introducing them to the gospel.

Glad to hear that you are doing well. Luckily my health has been great here. No problems at all. My comp. felt a bit sick at the beginning of the week but I haven't had a problem.

The day that those picture were taken the weather was cold, but now it is hot and very sunny again. I am going to try and by some warm clothes for when the weather dips again.


Elder Blanchard

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