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Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 75 (Parral, Mexico)

This week we were looking for the house of some less actives and while looking, we contacted this lady. The lady wanted us to pass by to visit her husband who has problems drinking and smoking. Later this week we actually contacted the husband. We were walking down the street and passed him. He was a bit drunk so we didn’t stop, but we ended up going back and talking with him.

We walked with him to his house then we made the connection and realized that we had contacted his wife a few days earlier. We passed by for him on Sunday morning to bring him to church, but he wasn’t ready yet needed like 10 minutes more. The less active we were looking for lives across the street so we went to invite him while the other dude got ready.

We stepped inside and invited the less active to church, but he insisted on coming the next week because he wasn’t ready. Then the other dude came from across the street and entered the house and convinced the less active to go to church with him. So we all went to church. 

This week we had the worldwide training meeting for missionaries. We learned about commitments and about the role of the spirit.

Elder Blanchard

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