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Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 20 (Anáhuac, Mexico)

It was great to Skype with you guys on Christmas, good to see you guys again. You guys really haven’t changed. Emily is taller and looks a bit older but that is about it, looks like I remember when I left. 
It is crazy how fast you get out of shape. We were almost not able to run at all this last part of the week because we had to leave early for Cuauhtémoc for zone meetings. Hopefully we have more time this next week. We weren’t able to play soccer because it was too dark cold and windy so no one wanted to. We just watched Mormon messages made crepes.

That day for lunch we ate at a member’s house and had some really good food with even better dessert. We got tortus which are just some toasted buns with pulled pork and lettuce and sometimes mayonnaise (which it would be so much better without) we also got roasted potatoes, and for dessert we got pumpkin pie. It was nothing like your homemade pumpkin pie but it was pie. We also got flan cake which is chocolate cake with flan on top. 

It is actually really cold here too, mostly just because of the icy wind. We got a bit of snow here actually on Saturday…nothing stuck to the ground and it just had little snowflakes for like three minutes but it was snow. I heard that in Cuauhtémoc some snow stuck to the ground that night. I like the cold weather and I am not ready for the crazy heat here I have heard lots about it and sounds like it will get hot. I can’t believe how much snow that you guys got. Though, I miss that about Utah.

Um I don’t think that I have any favorite members they are all really nice. I get along really well with all of the members. The ward has actually been growing a lot. It is really cool to be in a small area for that reason, just to see the growth and progress. 

We did get a lot of time off this week. Christmas day really, the other days there is just not anyone. Lots of walking and not a lot of working. On Christmas Eve day we spent like three hours emptying out the water from the baptismal font. We had to do it with buckets because the pump to drain the water is broken. We have had to do that twice this last week and we will have to do it at least once this week, it is a pain but has to get done. As for missionary work hopefully it picks up soon, lots of people are just gone for the holidays.

Thanks for the compliment on my Spanish. I probably should have talked a lot more in Spanish for you guys during skype. I got a bunch of ideas from other elders on things to tell you guys about and things to ask you guys. At least I will have a better idea next time on mother’s day. 

The one from Mexico has a crazy personality and he is really funny. Elder Hogan’s mom did talk with me a bit over skype. I have done divisions with Elder Hogan several times and we have worked together. Ha-ha nope the other moms of the Americans wanted to do the same. I heard of a lot of people crying too, but none of the elders I was with cried. It was really cool to Skype and now I have little experience and ideas for next time.

Love Elder Blanchard 

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